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The Yoga-Inspired Jewelry of Sonja Picard

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The interpretation of Mantra through Art

Spin mantra wedding rings by Sonja Picard

Men and women's spin mantra rings
"Love is inconceivable, simultaneously one and different"

"Yogic philosophy and its traditions of adornment allow the wearer to connect to a piece of jewelry as a form of meditation throughout the day. It is a reminder of the divinity within themselves and that which is around them." ~ Sonja Picard

Bringing meaning and substance to every piece of jewelry she designs, Sonja Picard, a Canadian designer and artist, uses her appreciation for yogic philosophy to create pieces of jewelry that carry ancient words of wisdom through Sanskrit mantra (divine sound and vibration) inscriptions (or engravings).

Om mani padme hum wedding band!

Om mani with eternity
"om mani padme hum - may the jewel of your love shine in your heart"

Yoga's popularity in Canada has grown consistently over the years and continues to grow steadily both for its physical and mental benefits. Artists, like Sonja, take what they have learned through yoga to apply it in other aspects of life. With her unique approach to jewelry, Sonja empowers the wearers to make a connection both physically and spiritually with their most intimate jewelry pieces, like for example, their wedding ring..

Choosing your wedding rings is an opportunity to find something that represents not only your commitment to one another but that also represents the spiritual bond between you and your spouse; one that will undoubtedly grow and strengthen throughout your life together. After all, a ring signifies an eternal, unbroken bond where no beginning or end exists.

Double-lotus, heart wedding bands

Double lotus heart rings
the symbol of divine relationship

The Sonja Picard Collection

Mantras engraved into each individual piece

Sonja's signature look consists of modern shapes and textural finishes which help showcase the beauty of this ancient philosophy. Her background as a sculptor comes through in every original piece of jewelry created, which she first hand carves in wax. The final result is jewelry that takes on both an organic quality and a yogi appeal with carefully chosen mantras engraved into each individual piece.

Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Big Crush diamond engagement ring

The "Big Crush" Ring

Conflict-free Canadian diamonds

Sonja's new "Bridal" collection fully embodies this love of yogic philosophy by using only conflict free Canadian diamonds. This in itself brings home yet more meaning by adhering to the philosophy of "ahimsa" or non injury to the planet. Plus, the mantra you choose to be included on your wedding rings is also microscopically engraved into the adorning diamond.

Diamond wedding rings: 'eternity'

Eternity: "ganesh sharnam"
Known as the guardian of the heart and brings blessings and success to new beginnings

Ancient inspiration combined with modern technology makes Sonja Picard's designs stand out in today's bridal jewelry world. The traditional wedding and engagement rings take on new meaning when their inscriptions resonate thoughts of love, wisdom and purity, every day the piece is worn.

double-lotus-heart wedding bands set

Double lotus heart with small eternity
the Lotus Flower represents the unfolding of potentiality

Mainstream Appeal?

Couples who appreciate the ancient eastern philosophy of yoga will be drawn to Sonja's interpretation of mantra through art. Each piece she creates is meant to compliment traditional wedding jewelry by adding to today's options with pieces that are truly unique and that inspire conversation and thought.

Lord & Godess wedding rings

2 lords and goddess rings
& eternity band with martini bezel setting

Casual and Formal Inspiration

Sonja's "Studio" or "Couture" collections include pieces that can be worn everyday and on formal occasions, while still offering the wearer yogi inspired philosophy.

The Studio Collection

The studio line consists of pieces made with silver, like..

Silver ear rings with gopi beads

Gopi Beaded Earrings
"Gopi drops represent tears of pure love and devotion to Krishna who is the eternal lover of the soul."

Om-drop silver necklace

om drop 9 necklace
"Om"- union of mind, body and spirit, at the heart of yoga

The Sonja Picard Collection

The Couture Collection

The couture line consists of pieces made with silver, multi-coloured 14k gold and 22k gold wrappings around diamonds and precious gemstones:

Lotus flower silver & gold earrings with diamonds

Lotus flower earrings
The Lotus Flower represents the unfolding of potentiality.

*worn at the 80th Oscars by Carla Wohl*

Shivamantra bracelet

Shiva Matra diamond bracelet

Shiva Mantra diamond bracelet
"Shiva": the most pure and auspicious

The Sonja Picard Collection

What mantra would you choose?

Whenever considering engraving something into your wedding rings, you should choose something that speaks to both of you and that represents your feelings for the wedding day and beyond.

    A few examples of inspiring mantras:

  • Om mani padme hum - May the jewel of your love shine in your heart.
  • Ganesha sharanam - Lord Ganesh is known as the guardian of the heart and brings blessings and success to new beginnings
  • Achintya bhedaabheda tattva - Love is inconceivably, simultaneously one and different.
  • Double lotus heart - symbolizes the relationship of the divine eternal couple and the lotus is the symbol of the unfolding of possibilities, purity and eternal renewal.
  • Lord and Goddess of the ring series
  • Lord Ganesh - represents the remover of obstacles and brings one success
  • Lord Krishna - eternal lover of the soul
  • Lord Shiva - most pure and auspicious
  • Goddess Parvati - mother nature and earthly femininity
  • Lord Vishnu Preservation, balance and harmony.
  • Goddess Lakshmi - opulence good fortune and grace
  • Lord Bramha -lord of creation
  • Goddess Saraswati - wisdom, beauty and the arts
  • Sitaram - Goddess Sita and Lord Ram represent the divine eternal couple

Om mani padme hum rings

Eternity with martini bezel setting
"Om mani padme hum": may the jewel of your love shine in your heart

The Sonja Picard Collection

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