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Guide: Pros & Cons of the Top-10 Wedding Flowers

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Red roses bridal bouquet

bouquet: A Unique Boutique, Coquitlam

Choosing the right flower may not be something that everyone instinctively knows how to do. For this reason, we have compiled a "top ten" of very appropriate and very popular wedding flowers, along with their pros & cons and preferred uses.

1. Calla Lilies

These flowers are known for their elegance and variety of colour, like white, orange, yellow and burgundy. Calla lilies are perfect for weddings because their trumpet like appearance looks as though they are heralding the union.

Calla Lilies for your wedding

Purple lily bouquet: A Unique Boutique, Coquitlam
White Calla Lily: Divine Designs Flowers and Decor (national, online florist)

Uses: they can be used alone to create stunning bridal party bouquets or table centerpieces but they also work well in arrangements with other flowers, like roses.

Pros: no filler flowers are required to make a calla lily bouquet stand out as this is the perfect stand alone flower. A do-it-yourselfer's dream, simply tie a white sheer ribbon around 5 or more calla lilies and voila! Easy and elegant.

Cons: Calla Lilies are extremely unforgiving if handled incorrectly. They mark easily and show signs of wear and tear when mishandled.

2. Daisies

Daisies are always an excellent choice; they add simplicity to the bouquet and are available in a vast array of colours. They represent purity and innocence and are considered a flower for all occasions.

wedding daisies: bouquet & centerpiece

Daisy bouquet: Tapestry Florist, West Vancouver
Daisy centrepiece: Flower Rainbow, Nepean

Uses: they can be used for both centrepieces and bouquets. You can have a few long stems in a vase or create a low compact arrangement using their wide petals to cover the spaces in between for a dramatic effect.

Pros: daisies are very versatile, and affordable. Plus, they can be used for both formal and informal events.

Cons: daisies work well with wires from inside the stem but don't hold up well when wire wrapped.

3. Hyacinths

One of its stalks houses several small, fragrant flowers. Available in purple, blue, pink, white, and yellow, this flower is versatile and fun and its scent is said to calm the nerves.

Hyacinth flower centrepiece

Purple hyacinth easy bridesmaids bouquet

Uses: hyacinths can be used as the only flower of the arrangement or the individual flowers from the stalk can be removed and incorporated into an arrangement. Their small flowers can also be used to make flower tiaras and their short stems make them perfect for low arrangements. They can be used as centerpieces and cake flowers. Plus, they make great hand tied bouquets!

Pros: they work well with all spring blooms, especially hydrangeas.

Cons: hyacinths are a spring bloom; so finding them in the off season may be difficult and expensive. Also, their short stems won't work well with tall arrangements.

4. Hydrangeas

They are very popular for their volume; their clusters of flowers give the illusion of many flowers bunched together. Blue is the most popular variety but they are also available in pink and white.

Hydrangea bridal bouquets

Flower Rainbow, Nepean
and Expressive Designs Florist, Vancouver

Uses: perfect for monochromatic bouquets or arrangements. They can easily be used for the bridal party bouquets or for the centerpieces, with other flowers or alone.

Pros: hydrangeas are very sturdy and can last a long time out of water. They are also beautiful when dried; so, if you are looking for flowers that you can preserve, the hydrangea is your best bet! Plus, they are available almost all year long and they work well with most flowers!

Cons: their versatility is limited to bouquets and arrangements as they are not suitable in boutonnieres or corsages.

5. Lily of the Valley

Little bell shaped flowers that are loved for their natural perfume and delicate appearance.

Elegant lily of the valley bridal bouquet

Your Day Flowers in P.E.I

Uses: they are rarely used as a stand alone flower. A few sprigs of "lily of the valley" can be used in the bride's and bridesmaids' bouquets as well as in corsages and boutonnieres.

Pros: the addition of these small flowers to a bouquet creates a big impact with their fresh scent and woodsy appeal.

Cons: flimsy stems make them difficult to work with.

6. Orchid

This is a tropical flower which brings an exotic yet elegant look to your floral bouquets. Orchids are available in many dramatic colours and with so many varieties to choose from, you can take the look from simply exotic to downright striking.

Floral vase wedding centerpice: orchid flowers

Orchid centrepiece: Waltz of Flowers / Valse des fleurs, Montréal

Orchid floral bridal boutonniere

Orchid boutonniere: How Sweet, Calgary

Uses: Orchids mixed with softer flowers like roses and lilies add interest to a bouquet or arrangement. They also look great alone or you can add some simple green foliage for a modern approach. Orchids make great hair accessories, too. One or two stems are all you need to create a stunning bridal hair look.

Pros: orchids add sophistication and elegance to any affair.

Cons: these flowers are temperamental; so, following the temperature and handling instructions when making your own orchid arrangements is vital.

7. Peonies

A multi-petal flower that blooms early in the season and that is available in many bright beautiful colours, the most common being red, pink and white.

Wedding flowers: Peonies - bouquet & centerpiece

Peony centrepiece: Le Jardin Flower Shoppe, Bracebridge (Muskoka)
Peony bridal bouquet: Tapestry Florist, West Vancouver

Uses: peonies can be used in bridal party bouquets or arrangements and are perfect for monochromatic flower themes.

Pros: their flowers bloom so big that it only takes about 4 or 5 of them to create one bouquet! They work well with most flowers but are very good alone as well. Plus, their sturdy stems make them one of the most versatile wedding flowers.

Cons: their flowers are too large to use as boutonnieres. They don't work very well when wire wrapped; so, hand tied peony bouquets are the safest bet.

8. Roses

The all time favourite wedding flower! Available in many colours all of which have special meaning: white means purity and innocence, red means love and passion, pink means happiness, and yellow means friendship..

Wedding flowers: roses, in a bouquet and in a centerpiece

Rose bouquet: Crab Apple Floral Design, Tofino
Rose centrepiece: Expressive Designs Florist, Vancouver

Uses: roses can be used in all your wedding florals from the corsages and boutonnieres to the bouquets and centerpieces. They can be mixed with other flowers or left to stand alone and can be used in tall arrangements as well as low compact ones.

Pros: They are long lasting, sturdy, fragrant, and are just big enough to be seen without being overwhelming.

Cons: roses that are still closed are not quite at their best yet those that are too open look sloppy. They have to be opened just enough to be at their most beautiful.

9. Stephanotis

This very traditional and famous wedding flower consists of small, delicate, white flowers that stand for "happiness in marriage".

Stephanotis: bridal corsage & bouquet

Stephanotis corsage mixed with baby's breath: Among the Flowers, Welland
Bouquet: The Perfect Place Florist, Winnipeg

Uses: they can be used in bouquets, as hair accessories, and in corsages or boutonnieres. They work beautifully with white lilies or white orchids and are a beautiful addition to most bridal bouquets, especially those consisting primarily of roses.

Pros: They are often referred to as floral "jewelry" because their star shaped flowers added to a bouquet look like stars.

Cons: their short flimsy stems must always be wired and taped before being used making stephanotis a more difficult stem to work with, especially for the do-it-yourselfer.

10. Tulips

This perfect spring flower is available in almost any colour you can imagine. Just like roses, tulips, too, carry special meaning depending on their colour: ivory or cream tulips mean "love you forever", red reflects a "declaration of love" and yellow means "hopelessly in love".

Wedding Flowers: tulips, white & red, bouquet & centerpiece

White tulip bouquet: The Perfect Place Florist, Winnipeg
Red tulip centrepiece: Divine Designs Flowers and Decor (national, online florist)

Uses: they make excellent bridal party bouquets and beautiful centrepieces.

Pros: they work well with almost all flowers and are long lasting.

Cons: they don't do well when wire wrapped so they should always be hand tied into bouquets. For this reason, they do not work well as corsages or boutonnieres but make great bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

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