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Feel the Love! Favourite Engagement Photos, 2009

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engagement photos in canada: romantic kiss

photo: Claire Cocheme :: Photography, Calgary

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Favourite engagement phosots in Canada, 2009We 've been collecting great engagement photographs from Canada, all year.. Sometimes we can't resist and we give you a sneak peak (search "engagement photos", find those features). But now, 2009 is definitely past, so we went through the entire folder and picked our all-year-favourites. Our criteria were simple:

  • Love! You must feel it through the page.. (or computer screen - whatever)
  • Memorable, stunning photography (obviously!)
  • A sense of portrait. A photo in which you would expect your friends to recognize you.

Still Flirting

Flirt: engagement photo by 260 Photography, in Vancouver

photo: Three Sixty Photography, Richmond BC

These two may be engaged but they're not about to start taking each other for granted quite yet! Just great energy.. definitely one of our all time favourites.

The Kiss

The Kiss: Art wedding engagement photo

photo: ArtWedding by Kevin Trowbridge, Kelowna

Along with Claire's opening shot (top of the story) the two best engagement kisses captured on film this year..

The Homesteaders

Great locations: countryside engagement photograph

photo: EMPIRICAL photographic arts, Brantford ON

Some engagement shots focus solely on the couple. Others take care to use the right location to make a statement. And nothing says "starting our new life" like big skies and a little house in the country. (this particular fixer-upper may take quite a bit of elbow-grease, but so what? There is nothing those two can't handle together!)

On the Lake

Interesting ingagement photo locations: row-boat, on the lake

photo: Red Andal Photography, Mississauga

Speaking of interesting locations, boats seem to be extremely popular this year. What's even more interesting is that two of our top wedding photographs of 2009, involved sailing yachts. Now two of our favourite engagement photographs are on row boats on lakes. The row boat on the secluded pond definitely says "romance, privacy and courtship" but also "trust" - they're very tippy! Whereas the sailing yacht probably says "starting on a great voyage of discovery", making it perfect for the wedding photo. (we just made all this up, of course, but it seems to make sense, what do you think?)


Super-sexy engagement portrait on the beach

photo: Renaissance Studios Photography, Milton ON

Sexy engagement photo location.. rain, bench, beach, wet!

photo: ArtWedding by Kevin Trowbridge, Kelowna

Well, well, well, unlike those row-boats, here is something you would probably never see in a wedding photo! But seriously, what is the real reason why? After all, there are plenty of "wet" trash-the-dress wedding shots out there (we 've even seen a trash-the-tuxedo shot, once :-). Because you 'd never have the time on your wedding-day, that's why! Such amazing, professional, super-sexy shots take time and setup and lighting and direction and the right location, etc etc. That's why your e-session is such a great opportunity to relax and try different things and get your just-perfect once-in-a-lifetime photo.

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So Happy Together..

Joyous laughter. The best engagement portrait of 2009

photo: Kristy Reimer Photography, Calgary

Last, but definitely not "least", the most joyous photo of the year. And our favourite engagement shot of 2009. Can you say "happy couple"? How about "a life full of laughter"? PERFECT!

Runners-up / Honourable Mentions

Kiss Still Flirting Kiss in the Rain Seeing Red Ice Cream Diva Tenderly Alone

(*) Canada's Engagement Photo Specialist?

This is hardly an "official" declaration or a "statistically accurate" determination, just a casual observation.. but we couldn't help but notice that four out of the sixteen photos on this page are by Kevin Trowbridge! Hmm.. ... next time you're passing through Kelowna with your honey, perhaps stay an extra day..

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