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Feature: Asian Wedding Favours and Supplies

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Showcasing the unique product-line of InspirAsian Creations

InspirAsian: Asian Wedding Favors

The wedding favour universe is rich in options, especially online stores. There are thousands of sites to choose from all offering their own version of "unique" favour options. While most of them are simply "variations on a theme", a select few really stand out as unique, different and truly "original". Case in point, the focus of today's feature, InspirAsian Creations and their specialty, asian wedding favours and supplies (with either a Chinese or Indian theme).

A Wedding Favour Store like no Other?

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words, so let's start with a representative gallery of :

Chinese couple wedding cake topper

Chinese Couple Cake Topper

Chinese-theme, love-glass- wedding coasters

Asian 'Love Glass' Coasters

Traditional indian couple wedding caketopper

Traditional Indian Bride & Groom Cake Topper

Fortune Cookie wedding favours

Fortune Cookies (Personalized or Standard)

Indian Wedding Favor: Harem Jewelled mirror

"Harem" Jewel Mirror

Scented organza shachets for an Indian wedding

Organza Scented Sachets

(*) Standard, "mainstream" favours as well!

To be sure, InspirAsian also carries the full selection of "general" wedding favours and supplies, from all the big names like Weddingstar, Hortenze B. Hewitt, and Kate Aspen.

But items such as the ones above, are their niche and what sets them apart. Chinese and Indian favours, cake toppers, and edible treats are just part of the pleasant surprise brides are in for when visiting this site. Personalized accessories along with easy to use functions, like shopping by price range or by colour theme, add to the appeal.

Make it Personal!

A wedding favour is meant to be a personal thank-you from you to your guests. By adding a personalized note or tag on each favour, you are making the token all that more special for those receiving it. InspirAsian Creations can help you do just that with their personalized seals, tags, stamps and ribbons. Plus, if Chinese works for you, have them done up in Chinese!

Wax seals with initials, for a chinese wedding

Asian Wedding Seals

(*) peel and stick wax seals, perfect for invitations, menus and programs, are also available

Personalized wedding favour tags

Personalized Favour Tags

Crystal 'double-happiness" stampl for a chinese wedding

Double Happiness Crystal Stamp

Personalized wedding favor ribbons

Personalised Favour Ribbons

DIY Anyone?

So as not leave anyone out, the DIY crowd will certainly be inspired by the many container options available to them here. Again, you can choose Asian inspired containers, like bamboo boxes or tea cups, or western favourites, like linen favour boxes or tins.

Bamboo dim-sum asian wedding DIY favor container

Bamboo Gift Box: waiting for your filling creations!

Chinese longevity tea-cups, DIY favour containers

Longevity Tea Cups
Idea: fill them with packets of Green Tea for a very authentic favour

© InspirAsian Creations

General DIY wedding supplies

Wedding favors: DIY containers

Pink Linen Favour Box

(*) This timeless favourite can instantly be made "ethnic" by playing with the filling. Perhaps, two fortune cookies can make this more Asian?

DIY wedding favour tins

Linked at the Heart Favour Tins
Idea: fill these with mints or gum for a "minty fresh" wedding!

Back to Basics

Every wedding needs some old school favourites that now have become basic necessities in wedding planning. For example, a ring pillow, garter belt, guest signing book etc. are just a few of these wedding "must haves". Check these items off your list in one fell swoop by checking out some of these great "all inclusive" wedding collections available in a variety of colours:

Wedding Collections & Sets

'Meant-to-be' wedding set

Meant-to-Be Ensemble Set

Lasting-radiance wedding set

Lasting Radiance Ensemble Set
Turquoise (also available in olive and silver)

Mocha-dream wedding set

Mocha Dream Ensemble Set

Perfectly-chic wedding set

Perfectly Chic Ensemble Set

All of the above from: InspirAsian Creations, of course!

From Favours to Invites

Not just a favour store, InspirAsian Creations also offers a wide variety of wedding stationery, ranging from "Save the Date Cards" to Invitations and beyond... with a twist. The twist being of course, that you can order your stationery not only in English but also in Chinese, and Vietnamese. Plus, if you have a specific language in mind, all you have to do is ask to see if your special language request can be accommodated!

Red custom wedding invitation

Purple wedding invitation example

Something Different Collection
from Inspirasian's Bridal & Wedding Invitations eStore

Formal, custom wedding invitations

Example of invitation for Asian-theme wedding

Exclusive Collection
from Inspirasian's Bridal & Wedding Invitations eStore

Not Feeling Particularly Ethnic?

InspirAsian's invitations come in a multitude of designs and styles to suit all tastes. There is even stationery to satisfy the eco conscious bride as their "Naturally Ever After" line of invitations is made of 100% recycled material.

Butterfly wedding invitations

Beach, destination wedding invitations

Naturally Ever After Collection
from Inspirasian's Bridal & Wedding Invitations eStore

Other Cool Features

  • Has favour shopping got you feeling a little confused and overwhelmed? Don't know how and where to start looking for favours? Perhaps, a live conversation with an expert will help.
  • Or, start your search smartly, asking their website to show only items that suit your budget and colour theme. Thanks for that InspirAsian Creations!

A unique online store is one that offers its visitors a variety of items not readily available in the wedding market. By offering Asian inspired products and services along side traditional western items, InspirAsian Creations sets itself apart in an industry that is forever adopting to the changing world around it.

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