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Beyond the Bar: Fresh Ideas for a Bachelorette/Stagette Party

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A British "hen night", an American "bachelorette party" or a Canadian "stagette"; three expressions, one meaning: Girls' Night Out!

Bachelorette Party Idea:  Whistler restaurant tasting tours

from Whistler Tasting Tours
Rated the #1 Thing to Do in Whistler!

What was once an excuse to hit every club in town, now has turned into an event all its own. Gone are the days of dinner followed by a visit to the local "ladies' night" before dancing the night away. Today's brides have a host of various party ideas available to them to make this last hoorah, truly one to remember.

The stagette has evolved to reflect all tastes and to represent more than just an all night party. From wilderness adventures to teeth-whitening parties, the options available have never been as plentiful as they are today.

What style of stagette?

Look no further than the bride-to-be herself to figure out what style event would be perfect for her and all the gals. Check it out:

Bachelorette Party Kit For 10 Guests - $39.99


Our White Bachelorette Party Cowgirl Hat - $19.99


For the Diva:

  1. Spa parties: at home or at a spa of your choice, you can enjoy massages, facials, pedicures and all the pampering all the girls can handle!

    Have a bachelorette party at a spa

    contact: Pampered Parties, Tri-Cities, ON

    Take the spa experience one step further by going on a spa getaway. Did you know that Canada boasts some of the best spa resorts in the world?

    Move your stagette to a spa retreat

    Poet's Cove resort and spa retreat

    Poets' Cove Resort & Spa, Pender Island, BC

  2. Makeovers: visit your favourite salon to get new looks for everyone! This also makes for a great opportunity for those in the wedding party to get some advice on their wedding-day look. (click: Beauty & Makeup Artists, across Canada)

    Wedding party makeover bachelorette

    Makeover by Jessica's Mobile Beauty, Calgary

  3. Glam Photoshoots! Now that your make up is done, why not have a professional photo shoot? Glam it up or ham it up! What a great memento of the day.

    Super-sexy stagette glam photo-shoot

    Photoshoot: SuperSexy People, Calgary

    Pinup photo protrait

    Glam photography bachelorette session

    Retro pinups & glam photography by K. Mae Photography, Calgary

  4. Tooth whitening sessions! Not just for movie stars.., for real, this is a great way to make sure everyone will have picture perfect smiles on the wedding day! Mobile professionals can bring all the necessary supplies to you; just provide the appies and drinks for the night.

    HAve a teeth-whitening stagette :-)

    Happy ladies from BrightSmiles Canada

  5. Aisle walk training: learn to walk with confidence down the aisle. How very appropriate! Strut your stuff and make sure all the girls in the wedding party have the confidence to strut theirs! Only then, can you go out for drinks :-)

    Aisle-walk training for the bride and bridesmaids

    Offered by Wedding Walk with Taaja, in West Vancouver

Bachelorette Party Set - $39.10

Steal the show with this super trendy Bachelorette Party Set. Bachelorette parties are just another reason for people to celebrate you! So, why not stand out and look your best with this bride-to-be sash and veil set? Fashioned in crisp white satin with a black satin trim, this bridal sash is sure to stand out! Accompanying veil is complete with a satin hand band and tulle fabric. The Set may be embroidered at No Additional Cost in black, bright pink, aqua, gold...

For the Sporty (& Outdoor-sy) Gal

Outdoor Activities are a great way to spend a day enjoying the Canadian outdoors, with your girls and to create an event that will be both exhilarating and an excellent bonding experience!

  1. Whitewater Rafting: a perfect spring or summertime excursion that makes for a fun filled day with lots of thrills!

  2. ATV Riding: an outdoor enthusiast's dream. Riding an ATV in Canada's plentiful trails and back country is a great to unwind after months of wedding planning!

    ATV staggette party!

    How to blow offsteam with the girls :-)
    photo: Thompson Valley Tours

  3. Skiing: need we say more? Combine some downhill treks with some après ski and voila! Instant party!

    If your wedding is going to look like this, why not your stagette also?

  4. Tip: these activities come with a certain degree of risk. Make sure all attending are comfortable with the activity before booking anything "extreme".

Unique Wedding Favors from

Personalized Bachelorette Sash and Veil - $30.00


Bachelorette Party Car Flag - $22.00


Prefer to stay Indoors but still get Active?

  1. Bootcamp: work up a sweat, release some tension and have some fun.

    Bachelorette party bootcamp

    With the very aptly named Wedding Crunch, Bootcamp, Vancouver

  2. Dance lessons: this is an excellent way to get some exercise and to learn some new moves that can be put to good use at the wedding reception. (find some wedding dance instructors, in your city)

    group dance lessongs for the girls

    Dance instruction made fun: Canadian Swing Champions, Vancouver

  3. Pole Fit Lesson: Learn techniques to build your upper body strength with the help of a dancer's pole. Let an expert show you how to get the most out of this new and exciting exercise routine. (This activity can be arranged for an "at home" party as well.)

    Pole dancing party for your stagette

    © Live Once! in Toronto

  4. (*) There are so many options, if you're thinking along these lines. Tip: Visit our Health & Fitness directory for full selections of such services in your local area

For The Social Butterfly

  1. Poker night: why not? Not just a boy thing... organize a card night with an expert to show you all the tips you need to play like pros! Plus, everyone will be so focused on the game, you'll forget about the wedding day jitters!

    HAppy poker night bachelorette party idea

    Someone's been catching on quick!
    Taught by Poker Chicks 101 (Edmonton), lol

  2. Boutique hopping: get some expert advice on clothes and accessories and try on some new looks while you're at it. What girl doesn't love a shopping day?!

    Shoping tour, for your bachelorette?

    Check out the Sopping-Party and Style-Coach sessions
    at the Refinery, in Toronto

  1. A Restaurant sampling tour: make the night out on the town a cultural experience by getting to know some hot, local dining spots.

    Food sampling restaurant tour bachelorette

    Sandy's Stagette!

    Sandy's Stagette! (Whistler Tasting Tours)

Not enough?

But we 're running out fof stapce here! These are just a few examples of growing trends in bachelorette parties. If however, you want something even more unique, hire a consultant? to handle the event's planning and preparation for you. A consultant's experience and vision will undoubtedly provide you with a most memorable stagette! Visit our directory to find local consultants in your area, send them an email request, see if they organise stagettes/bachelorettes.

Tips for the Budget conscious

  1. Don't plan an event that involves overnight stays. Although, weekend spa getaways, or ski excursions are becoming a popular choice for bachelorette parties, the accommodations plus the cost of the activity itself adds up. Always check with everyone involved to make sure they are not being strapped with an "over the top" expense. Since the bride usually doesn't pay, remember to add the bride's portion to the tally.
  2. Ask for special group rates when planning any activity to keep costs down.
  3. Plan the activity for a weekday as opposed to the weekend. You may just get a better rate on a Tuesday than on a Saturday.

Fresh Party Invitations from Minted

Signature white party invitations, Bold Bachelorette - $2.49

from: Tiny Prints, Inc.

Block Bachelorette Party Invitations - $1.25

from: Minted

More Ideas?

You guessed it... .check out our complete listings for bachelorette party services across Canada in our directory. Don't forget that party ideas are not only limited to this category. Visit other areas of our directory, like Beauty, Health & Fitness, Dance Lessons and Honeymoon: Destinations (resorts & spas) for example, to view companies that offer services not only to the couple but also to the wedding party at large.

Do's & Don'ts

    The Do's
  1. Do make sure to invite the fiance's female family members.
  2. Do allow the bride's "likes" to guide the event's activities.
  3. Do share the bill with all party guests, except the bride.
    The Don'ts
  1. Don't plan the event too close to the wedding day unless very close out of town friends or family cannot attend until then. One to two weeks before the wedding is perfect timing.
  2. Don't invite people to the stagette that aren't actually invited to the wedding. You don't have to invite all the female wedding guests to the bachelorette party but those that are invited should definitely be wedding guests as well.
  3. Don't partake in an activity that is overly embarrassing or in any way cruel to the bride. In-laws and new family members may be attending the event; so, make the event comfortable for all.

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