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2010 Bridal Jewellery Trends & Ideas

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wearing bridal jewellery

Today's jewelry is as unique as the bride that wears it. Choosing the right pieces to complete your bridal attire requires a little time, creativity, a lot of fun and some expert advice. Rita from Dolce Amore Jewellery shares with us the new and exciting trends in store for bridal jewelry in 2010.


Following prevailing fashion trends, bridal jewelry with color will be all the rage for 2010 weddings. There are some wonderful ways in which bridal jewelry can be designed with colorful accents while still maintaining that special character that makes it perfect for a wedding.

Wedding jewellery in colour!

from Dolce Amore Jewellery

Pink crystal bridal necklace


Sparkly jewelry in big chunky pieces is huge for brides right now Or a combination of pearls and sparkling crystals (like the one below).

Sparkling and chunky crystal bridal jewellery

Vintage Jewelry

Long, dangling earrings with a vintage twist will be very popular in 2010. Soft metallics, like gold or bronze, are good choices for this trend. Also, look for something with white, ivory or rose pearls.

Long, dangling, pink crystal bridal earrings

Vintage-styled. bronze-hued bridal necklace

from Dolce Amore Jewellery

Tip:When your hair is an up-do, Chandelier earrings will frame your face perfectly:

Wedding Jewelry: pale pink, chandelier earings

"Whatever you choose for your special day, be it the bold jewelry that is popular now or something more traditional, you can be sure that including pearls in your wedding accessories will always be a great choice"..

Beach/Destination Wedding Jewellery

If you are planning a destination/beach wedding, choose jewellery that will reflect this theme. For example, a sea shell design on a string of pearls and crystals makes an ideal accessory.

Starfish long pearl earings and necklace

Cascading pearls for bridal jewelry

Cascading pearl necklaces, earrings, and bracelets also make great choices for your wedding near the sea!

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Jewellery in  

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