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Bridal Hair Trends: Looking Fresh in 2010

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Bride & bridesmaids getting their hair done!

photo :) Rafal Andronowski Photography, Calgary

The Natural Look

In 2010, we see a return to natural beauty with wedding hairstyles being looser and less structured than years past. Long hair becomes longer and fuller allowing for some loose waves to add dimension to the look.

Long hair bridal style

Hairstyle by Pamper me Pretty, Vancouver

The free-flowing natural look has its place in this year's short hairstyles as well. The hair should allow for movement and playfulness and it should have texture in the form of layers as opposed to a one-length cut.

Short bridal hairstyle

photo: now CHIC

Natural Colour, too

In keeping with 2010's quest for natural looks, your hair colour should reflect this trend as well. Try not to stray too far from your natural hair colour. This is always good advice for brides as your wedding hair colour should only enhance what you already have not change it. Always remember, you want to recognize yourself in those wedding day photos 30 years from now!

Most Popular 2010 Style?

Updos are always popular with brides but in 2010,
  • it's the chignon (hair pinned or gathered at the nape of the neck) that wins big
  • as well as hairstyles (up or down) that include braids.

Bride in the classic chignon wedding hair style

perfect chignon by BlueLava Creative, Vancouver

Whether you choose to wear your hair up, down, long, or short, your bridal hairstyle in 2010 should look natural and comfortable not stiff and structured. This is a fun day; so let loose, starting with your hair!

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