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Creative & Destination Wedding Invitation Ideas

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Creative & fun, invitations like these will stand-out and set the mood for your wedding, long before the actual event. We 've collected some great examples from three different Canadian specialists, enough to get you in the mood and give you some first idea of the possibilities. Lots more where these came from: our invitation supplier listings!

Beach & Destination Wedding Invitations

Airline Ticket / Boarding Pass

airline ticket, destination wedding save-the-date invitation

Save-the-date card, custom-designed
by Daydream Weddings, in Vancouver

Isn't this perfect? Your guests are holding their "ticket" in their hands. You just know that this is going straight under their fridge-magnet and they'll be counting the days between now and your wedding date! Amy, from Daydream explained how this works best:

I find that with destination weddings it is best to send out a Save the Date as soon as possible so your wedding guests can book their trip, time off work, and get ready for their vacation and your wedding! Then send out your invitation as a pocket folder with information on the destination, booking information, the RSVP and of course your invitation!

Such stationary is always custom, so if you like one of the invitations I have previously created we can always make it your own by changing the colour of the paper or even by adding some crystals. In general, costs range from $6.25 to $15.75 a set (but there are volume discounts as well, depending on the ortder).

Cruise Ship Wedding?

Cruiseship wedding invitations: Boarding Passes

By Custom Creations, in Toronto

Different format, just as fun, tailored to the cruise ship look and feel. (those would look just perfect on a letter press). Custom designed, like the passport invitation below. Ilene, from Custom Creations, explains:

The idea is to create unique and distinctly different theme invitations. They can all be fully customized. Options are unlimited. Several premade designs are on-site to inspire and can be used as-is or as a helpful starting point; creating something from scratch can actually be quite overwhelming. Once we have the information needed, a large round up of mock-ups are given until the couple are completely satisfied, before printing begins.

Turn around time for somethig like this can be as little as a few days, from purchase to shipping time, depending on how quickly the design is approved and how many customizations need to be made. Prices range from $1.69-$3.99 each.


Destination wedding invitation idea: passport

Also by Custom Creations, in Toronto
Don't miss the way it looks open (bottom right of the photo)

Beach Wedding?

Beach wedding themed stationary - flip-flops, sea-shells, fish..

Beach wedding invitations, shaped like a lawn, deck chair

Fold-out concepts from Finally The Bride!
available everywhere - online store

Love the "3D" feel of these - like a pop-up book. Too, they are readily available. Just specify your text and off you go.. According to Finally the Bride, they start at under $150 for quantity of 100 but they also offer 20%-off. Here are a couple more destination wedding examples from their semi-custom selection:

Cure airplane ride wedding invite

Maps & Charts

Maps on wedding invitations

25%-Off Wedding Stationary Until June 5th

Wedding Paper Divas Save the Date Card Sale

Some other Custom Theme-Wedding Invitations

OK, so these are not exactly destination wedding invitation ideas, but we found them on those same websites, while researching and we just couldn't not show them here. Unique, personal, creative... fabulous examples of how you can add personality and a them to your entire wedding - starting at the first point-of-contact: your wedding invitation!

Wedding Newspaper!

Custom weddig anouncement - invitation: Newspaper/newsletter

Created by Custom Creations, Toronto

Concert Ticket!

Theme wedding invitation: concert ticket

Daydream Weddings, in Vancouver

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