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New Label! Image of Beauty Bridal Collections 2010

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Image of Beauty, France Collection wedding dress #3

Image of Beauty (France Collection #3)

Image of Beauty Bridal is fairly new in the Canadian wedding market but with already two locations (Vancouver, Red Deer) and growing, their unique approach to bridal gowns could be very quickly recognized nationwide.

Interesting, Light Fabrics

Combining the talent of designer Maria Rosario Mendoza with many fine fabrics like linen and cotton, Image of Beauty is marketing three distinct collections of light and breathable gowns that are perfect for spring/summer and beach/destination weddings

The Aqua Collection

"Aqua" is a modern collection that often incorporates a touch of colour to give the gown a look of "freshness".

Image of Beauty, Aqua destination wedding dresses

Image of Beauty (Aqua Collection #6 & #11)

The France Collection

"France" is a classic collection enhanced by moderate or elaborate embroidery.

Image of Beauty: France summer wedding dress #8

Image of Beauty: France summer wedding gown #11

Perfect for a summer wedding.
Image of Beauty France Collection

The Mediterranean Collection

"Mediterranean" is a unique collection that is characterized by two-piece dresses and fine touches.

Image of Beauty: Mediterranean collection two-piece wedding dress #4

Image of Beauty: Mediterranean collection, two-piece wedding gown #3

Elegant and traditional two-piece designs by Maria Rosario Mendoza
Image of Beauty, the Mediterranean Collection

Quickest turn-over too..

Image of Beauty's bold claim: Any style from these collections can be made specifically for you in six weeks!
Also noteworthy: these gowns are all hand-made, in Mexico.. fantastico!

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