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Wedding Trends: Save-the-Date videos

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The latest in wedding media, part invitation, part RSVP, part keepsake, wedding save-the-date videos are quick, fun and practical and the ultimate in making a personal and memorable statement to boot!..

What a Great Idea!

Today, we 're showcasing four great examples by Sean Phillips of A Moving Picture Studios in Winnipeg, along with his insightful commentary; we 'll try to find more great examples to help you with your creative process, ASAP!

Michele and Joseph

For the cinematographer, save-the-date videos offer a chance to be as creative as possible in capturing the spirit of the couple he/she is working with. If the groom is a train engineer, for instance, then one could use stop-motion toy train animations in the video. (You can see examples on my website). If the couple loves the beach, then we would get them to write the invitation in the sand. ANYTHING is possible, as long as it suits the couple and they are up for it.

Melissa and Sean, 2010 - Believe

For the couple, it's a chance to get to know the cinematographer a little better before the wedding day. On the wedding day, everything is a big rush and there is no possibility of a "take two". The process of making this pre-wedding video, from interviewing the clients to get a feel for their tastes, to choosing the music they love, to actually shooting it and directing the clients, lets the clients get used to being in front of the camera and taking direction from you. This way they feel more comfortable on the day and it makes for a more natural-looking wedding video.

Chandra and Jared

A Personal, memorable e-Vite

The Save the Date video can be used as an e-vite (electronic invitation) to the wedding. It's a greener solution than mailing out 400 cards. Of course, most couples will send out formal invitation cards anyway. What the video is really designed for is social media. Everyone is on Facebook. A few months before the wedding, the couple will post their Save the Date video to Facebook or email links to all their guests. (or host the video on the couple's wedding website, if they have one..). It serves as a reminder to save the wedding date and it gets guests excited for the couple and ready for the wedding. It also gives people who may not know the couple well, a glimpse into their personalities too. Ultimately, it is 1000% more memorable than a plain old card!

Maggie & Colin - Save the Date

I offer Save the Date videos as standard with my middle and top packages in much the same way that a photographer would offer an engagement session. I even offer them as a stand-alone extra for couples who only want photography on the actual wedding day. It's a fun, fresh approach that couples and their family and friends love to watch over and over again.

Bonus: the Fearless Bride / Trash-the-Dress video

Another "extra shoot" thatA Moving Pictures offers, is the Fearless Bride/Trash the Dress session. Here is one of those (looks like fun!):

Trash The Dress / The Fearless Bride

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