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DIY Wedding Flower Trend: The Paper Flowers Idea..

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Bride with Paper Flower wedding decor


Got.. Paper?

paper hydrangeas, for your wedding flowers

idea: the Paper Jewels blog

For the past six months or so, we have been hearing lots about a new trend in wedding flowers - paper. Yes, in a bid to be both economical and crafty, many brides are embracing the paper flower trend full heartedly. Paper flowers have lots of advantages over their natural counterparts, for example:

  1. they are long lasting with no possibility of wilting
  2. they are affordable
  3. they are available in any colour you could possibly imagine
  4. they allow you to use your favourite bloom regardless of season
  5. they are suitable for both casual and formal weddings

A "do-it-yourselfer's" dream, paper flower bouquets are easy to make by simply following the directions in a paper flower kit or by downloading a template. Creating your own paper floral will take you anywhere from 10 minutes per bouquet (if you are a true domestic diva) to one hour plus (if you are like most DIY first timers).

DIY crepe-papaer poinsettias, for your wedding

DIY crepe-paper poinsettias, from Martha Stweart

Paper pomander

Paper pomander:

Tissue paper pop-poms: wedding décor

idea: DesignDazzle

Crepe paper peonies, wedding flowers

Martha Stewart's crepe-paper peonies from

Even if you love this idea, you may not be fully convinced that it is the best choice for you. In this case, you can incorporate some paper flowers into your wedding day but not throughout the whole affair. For example, use them for the flower girl's bouquet, as pew markers and even on the wedding favours. Then, reserve your centerpieces and your bouquet along with those of the bridesmaids for the real thing. Experiment a little, mix it up a little and you'll find that the end result creates a perfect balance and leaves you with a stunning effect!

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