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Fashion File: Red Hot Lips in 2010!

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Red lipstick: hot bridal beauty trend, 2010

The word is in and it's all about red.. red lipstick that is. Move over pink, pale, and nude shades. Hello red! This bold, sexy colour has made its return and it is hotter than ever!

But although red has all heads turning this year, be careful when tackling this latest makeup trend. Red lipstick is very hard to pull off. You must choose a shade to match your skin's tone otherwise, your look will fall flat. Here are some basic tips to finding the right shade of red lipstick:

  • Fair Skin tones suit red lipstick with blue or brown undertone.

    Bridal Beauty & Makeup: Red lipstick on fair skin

  • Medium to dark skin tones work best with deeper reds with a brown or tawny base.

    Bridal Beauty: deep red lipstick for medium skin tones

  • Dark skin tones work best with dramatic pinkish reds like fuchsia or reds with an orange base.

    Bridal Makeup Tips: Pink-red Lipstick for darker skin-tones

Lipstick to suit your face

Teeth not brilliant white?

Choose a red with a blue undertone as any red lipstick with an orange or yellow base will make the teeth look more discoloured.

Bridal Beauty Tips: applying lipstick - yellow teeth!

Thin lips?

Stay away from dark red shades as they will make your lips look very narrow. Opt for a brighter or more neutral shade.

Tip: make your lipstick last longer and look better by exfoliating your lips with a toothbrush before applying any colour.

As is true with any new trend, it is best to test it out first before wearing it for something special like your wedding. You want to be comfortable in it and you want to make sure that it truly is the best look for you, trendy or not!

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