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The Evolution of Wedding Money Boxes

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Ideas and options for a Canadian bride

Multi-tiered, pink money box for wedding

"While it was once considered in bad taste or even a wedding "faux pas" to give money as a wedding gift, monetary gifts are quickly becoming the present of choice for most newlyweds."..

Why Use Money Boxes?

With money, cheques or gift cards quickly replacing the traditional gift, the question of safe storage for these "special" envelopes arises.

Originally, one person would be designated to collect all the envelopes and hold on to them for the duration of the event. However, burdening someone with this responsibility for the day is not always easy; so, a change in how these envelopes are collected and stored has resulted.

The money box is born!

Diamante, chest-shaped white wedding money box

Diamante Chest Wishing Well money box
Elegant & practical. Widely available; try:

Satin Ivory chest-shaped wedding money box

Elegant Satin Ivory Money Box. Available at

Moneybox Ideas, Styles and Sizes

A money or card box is really quite self explanatory. It is a box that houses all the gift envelopes. What it looks like is completely up to you. Money boxes range in types from the simple and disposable to the more intricate, that often double as keepsakes. Many even have a lock and key option for added security!

As with their design, the box sizes vary too. Some are as small as a tissue box while others are often as big as the cake itself! Somewhere in between these two extremes is the norm, depending greatly of course on the size of the wedding and on how many envelopes you think you will receive.

Canadian Wedding Moneybox Sampler Guide

We have tried to focus on designs readily available in Canada, but have also included some noteworthy examples from international stores and websites. You can usually order from there or show the photo to any Canadian wedding supplies vendor who will source it out for you or custom make one.

The Simple Box

A cardboard box with a slit at the top or on one side. It can be decorated any way you like..

Simple, cardboard, wedding money box chest

Greeting Card Treasure Box. Available at

..or even not decorated at all (and obvious DIY alternative?):

Plain, cardboard box, DIY wedding money box

this example from, but in Canada you can find similar, foldable DIY boxes at

The Large Multi-tiered "Cake" Box

Made to mimic a wedding cake, obviously "at home" in a wedding reception! Perhaps you can custom-match it to your overall wedding theme and your actual wedding cake? Any of the fake cake suppliers can probably modify their products to serve this way.. but there are also many ready-to-go options out there:

Satin-Rose, 3-tier wedding cake money box

A great example of a three-tier wedding cake money box
from (U.S. store, shipping+border charges may apply)

safe, secure wedding money box with padlock and key

Elegance 14" Card Box with Padlock & Key
from Nuptial Celebrations (canadian online store)

The Princess Carriage

For the fairytale wedding!

Fairytail, white wire coach, wedding money envelope holder

Fairy Tale White Coach Card Holder
from Nuptial Celebrations

Fairytail wedding white carriage envelope holder / money box

Another "Fairytale Carriage" card/envelope holder example
from, (not certain whether they ship to Canada)

The Birdcage or Gazebo (DIY option?)

Rent or buy one and decorate it to match your décor

Birdcage, wedding envelope, card holder and moneybox

Birdcage Card Holder
(from - soon launching

Blue-silver wedding envelope holder

A visually interesting alternative. But perhaps a bit too "open" - envelopes could fall out. Another interesting potential DIY project?

Gazebo gift card and reception gift card holders

Two more birdcage/gazebo, spring wedding money-envelope holders, these ones from

The Engraved Glass Box

A wonderful wedding keepsake idea. Order them online or have one made by any local glass engraving shop.

Engraved glass wedding moneybox

Engraved glass wedding money box with openign lid


DIY Options

Choose a wedding card box to match your décor, to suit your budget or simply to have on hand in case you do receive gift envelopes. Either way, buy one, rent one... ... or make one! Go the do-it-yourself route and create your own container decorated in your personal style. Remember that these card boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Use your imagination to create one that will be both useful and memorable.

A Stack of "Presents"

stack two or more boxes in graduating sizes atop each other and decorate according to your taste (don't forget to cut out a slit :-)

DIY wedding money box - multi-tiered, like a wedding cake


Or, one small box (with a slit at the top) painted, decorated, wrapped etc. according to your theme and personality. It looks like the following couple were raising money for their wedding in Las Vegas!


Quick & Easy

This is the least amount of effort and time. Just grab one of the wedding-in-a-box packages. They are meant to include all those "standard" items every wedding needs, including moneyboxes. Typical example.. let's see.. how about the 7-piece set from Nuptial Celebrations? It may not be custom and personalised (you can easily embellish it a bit with ribbons, beads, flowers etc), but all you 'll need to do is order it off their website and then you can check one more item off your list :-)

Wedding-in-a-box package, including money box

How about Custom?

Well, that is obviously always an option. If you have something very particular in mind, you should talk to a local wedding decorator. We know for certain that Creative Expressions Accessories in Hudson, QC offers a custom moneybox design option; beyond that.. you 'll have to make a few phone calls..


This is only one example of the many options available to you "second hand". Great little "wire-cage" envelope box we found, for only $15, on Gettin' Hitched Gently Used Wedding Décor, a Vancouver-based store..

Cheap, second-hand, money box from wedding

And why not?? How "used" can a money box possible be?! So, while you're researching options, drop by the wedding classifieds, buy & sell listings. Thousands of people selling thousands of different wedding items, from all over Canada. If you 're patient and check back 3-4 times over a week or two, you are almost guaranteed to find something to suit your budget and style..

Note: Although most couples prefer receiving money as wedding gifts, it is usually not appropriate to actually ask for cash gifts.

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