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Wedding Bagpipes? Tips from an Expert

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A Bagpiper for your Wedding

© Kyle Campbell,, Winnipeg

"The sound of the Pipes will add a stirring, romantic atmosphere and finishing touch to the big day. Not only do the Bagpipes add great background music, but a Piper kitted out in full regalia turns heads in any environment."

Scottish, Highland or Celtic theme for your wedding?

Bagpipes have been a part of western culture for centuries (as far back as ancient times in Egypt!) but it is of course their relevance in Celtic history and highland Scotland (Ireland too!) that they are most known for.

Regarded as instruments of war, representing pride, bravery, honour, strength and freedom, their popularity remains undiminished today, especially to herald important events like (in our case..) weddings!

We asked one of the experts, Winnipeg-based piper Kyle Campbell, for his insights and any special pointers incorporating bagpipes into your wedding day:

Kyle Campbell, winnipeg bagpiper

Kyle Campbell

When are Bagpipes suitable?

  1. Welcome Guests: a Piper can entertain outside as guests approach the ceremony.
  2. Herald Bride's Arrival: The arrival of the bride is the most highly anticipated point of the ceremony. Her appearance, and subsequent walk to meet her husband-to-be, is a matter of great fanfare and rejoicing. Bagpipe music is ideal at this moment to emphasize her entrance.
  3. Exiting the church: Announce your arrival to the world as man and wife to the sound of the pipes for that grand exit.

Bagpipes, adding flair to your wedding

What music should be played?

According to Kyle, there is a very large repertoire of music that bagpipers usually draw from, but if their repertoire is missing something you absolutely must-hear, not a problem: they are usually more than happy to learn your favourite piece for your wedding.

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