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Wedding Jewellery 2010: A Fashion Statement

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There is little doubt that jewellery can warm the heart of every girl, bride or not.
From delicate pieces to bold statements, jewellery is meant to represent a style and personality that is truly unique and individual. Online stores featuring custom designs or designs once found only in magazines and fashion runways are now becoming mainstream and popular.

Pearl bridal necklace

Ivory St. Tropez Statement Necklace
from Stella & Dot | Stylist

"Trendy pieces with bold colours and styles are changing the way we look at jewellery in 2010."..


As an important aspect of every bride's wedding attire, jewellery will not only complete the ensemble it will also define the wedding day look. In 2010, simple elegance takes a dramatic turn with traditional stones placed in ultra modern settings.

sterling silver bridal necklace

"Sylvia" Sterling silver collar necklace
from Lana Sanichar's Jewellery Creations

Wedding Jewelry: Pearl drop earings

Ivory/silver pearl drop earrings
from Stella & Dot | Stylist

Bridal Jewellery: gemma hoop necklace

Gemma stone hoop necklace
from Stella & Dot | Stylist

Swarovski crystals and glass stones call from a cool linen cuff

Swarovski crystal and glass stone cuff
from Stella & Dot | Stylist


Chunky pieces in bright, beautiful colours truly make a statement. Paired with simple gowns, this jewellery will definitely stand out.

Bridesmaids Jewelry: Green & gold chandelier earrings

Chandelier earings in green & gold
from Stella & Dot | Stylist

Bridesmaids Jewellery: Saveen flower gold & jade ring

Maching green & gold saveena flower ring
from Stella & Dot | Stylist

Marie bridesmaids bracelet

"Marie" bracelet, perfect bridesmaids gift
from Lana Sanichar's Jewellery Creations

flower / lady-bug ring

Blooming flower / lady-bug ring
from Stella & Dot | Stylist

Whether you are choosing the perfect gift for your bridesmaids or simply picking an item to enhance your wedding attire, you won't go wrong with a trendy bobble or two!

wedding jewelry: Grey Baroque Pearl Necklace With Mother Of Pearl Pendant

Grey baroque pearl necklace with mother-of-pearl pendant
from Dolce Amore Jewellery

Bridal jewellery: Garnet earings

Garnet earrings from Dolce Amore Jewellery

Crystal, heart-shaped earings wedding jewelry

"Althea" Earrings from Lana Sanichar's Jewellery Creations

Bridal Ring: wedding jewellery

Bridal ring (not a "wedding ring" - a jewellery ring for a bride)
from Pink Tiara Bridal Jewellery

We selected the above examples from online stores only, so that they can be available to anyone reading this article. But we have a lot more local bridal jewellery stores listed in our directory. Browse those listings for more options available only to yourself!

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