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Engagement Videos: raising the bar

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Express Yourself!

Ten years ago, a formal engagement photo session (what everyone calls e-sessions these days) was still a novelty. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a wedding not preceded by a gorgeous engagement portrait, displayed at the reception or even a complete photo shoot - an album in its own right.. We 've run some fairly amazing engagement photo features in the past.

Well, why not step it up a notch? Engagement videos allow you to capture your love on film, for ever.. in a relaxed atmosphere, without the stress of the wedding day schedule. Too, you can take your time and select locations and themes and clothing that perfectly expresses you.

Stylish Video e-session, by Ioan Films

Here is one of the coolest examples we have seen in a while, this one by Ioan Films | Lifestyle Cinema in Montréal

Thanks Meggie and Corneliu for being such an awesome couple. Then again, thanks Alain, Florin and Christina...

....and here is another one, with a great "interview" style feature (more ideas for you!) this one from A Moving Picture, in Winnipeg

Michelle and Chris (E-Shoot).

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