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Bows, Bands & Beyond! Bridal Hair Accessories for 2010

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"In 2010, bridal hair takes us into the world of hair accessories. This trend has been growing in popularity over the last few seasons but this year, it is a style must-have."..

Bride with bow hair accessory

Accessories by Colette Malouf

Adorning the hair with a bow, a hair band or a tie will be synonymous with wedding hair for 2010. Fresh off the runways and into the bridal boutiques, hair accessories are hot! From simple bands to ornate and shiny pins, the accessory becomes as much a part of the attire as the veil or the bridal hairstyle itself. Especially important if you have decided to wear nothing in your hair, including a veil, a simple accessory will add an extra element of style and drama to your look.

Hair Sticks

Hair sticks in bridal updo

Crystal and shiny hair-sticks look stunning in an updo. (from Boutique de Voile)

Bridal updo with star-shaped hair pins

from the Jane Maripose blog

swarovski crystal hair sticks

Swarovski crystal hair sticks from The Younique Boutique

Bridal hair sticks


Hair Vines

Crystal hair vines work with many styles. They can be worn across the head like a hair band or can be wrapped around a tight bun or around a pony tail.

Bridal hair: Bun with crystal Vine

vine around a bun

Another bridal hairstyle bun with vine

from Blue Jewellery (UK)

Very interesting bridal hairstyle: ponytail with a hair vine

Very creative: hair vine around a ponytail

Har vine worn as a headband

Another creative option: wear the vine as a headband
idea: theKnot

Hair Pins

Pins (similar to sticks) and barrettes can be used with many styles from updos to long and loose dos.

bride with starfish-shaped crystal hair pin

sold at:

Wedding Hair Accessories: Star-shaped crystal hair pin

sold at:

Butterfly hair pin

Gorgeous butterfly hair pin by Lana Sanichar

Crystal and Pearl bridal hair pins

Pearl & Crystal hair pins by Lana Sanichar

As with all things trendy, it is best to tread lightly into a new craze especially if this is a stretch from the norm for you. For example, if you are used to wearing your hair in a simple style. Stay away from anything too big and shiny for your wedding day. You must feel comfortable in anything you wear that day right down to the hair style. And, don't forget you want to like what you see in those pictures afterward!

Hair silk flower??


from Bay-Area Bags

Another wedding hair crystal vine

Beautiful rope hair fine. Wedding Hair by Alyssa Lindemeier, Pasadena

Gorgeous bridal hairstyle by Alyssa Lindemeier (Pasadena, CA)

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