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The Best Engagement Photos in Canada, 2010

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Jasleen & Vinay

Jasleen & Vinay's  2010 engagement photo, by JAG Photography in Edmonton

photo: JAG Photography, Edmonton

I shot Jasleen & Vinay's engagement session on July 1st and we chose to incorporate as many of the Canada Day Festivities as possible. There was a small carnival nearby. The rides were an obvious opportunity for a dynamic shot. Luckily the attendant didn't see me bring my camera aboard!

Candace and Layton

Candace and Layton's 2010 engagement photo in Halifax NS, by ryan macdonald | PHOTOGRAPHY in Victoria

photo: ryan macdonald | PHOTOGRAPHY, Victoria

Layton Reid is himself a fabulous documentary/wedding photographer, now based out of Halifax, NS. After 10 years together with Candace, they were getting married in September and, since I was home on the East Coast for my annual autumn trip, we got together to take some photos of them. We got halfway to our location and it started to pour, but when we arrived we lucked into the most beautiful though the sun set three separate times just for us. I noticed a patch of weeds with dried seed pods, and thought they looked a bit like hearts floating in the distance, so I asked them to sit directly on the weeds. The were freezing and naturally started to snuggle, and that's when I took the photo. Layton and Candace are the real deal. It was our first time meeting, but they made me feel as though we were old friends. Together they're so full of life, fun, and are some of the warmest and most genuine folks I've met.

Anna & Stephen

Anna & Stephen's 2010 engagement photo in High Park, in Toronto, by ShutterBrugs Photography in Niagara

photo: ShutterBrugs Photography, Niagara

Beautiful High Park in Toronto, Ontario was the back drop for this photo of Anna and Stephen (they were married on 10/10/10!). The beauty of the "almost kiss" and the delicate light from a late June sun creates a certain magic for me.

The Envelope Please..

The Best Engagement Photographs in Canada, 2010So much talent, such little space.. We went through thousands of images, hundreds of shooters, hundreds of great couples; our editors short-listed and argued; our readers voted and "liked" on Facebook..
In the end, surprisingly (or perhaps not?) the top-3 (above) were unanimous: our staff, our panel and the popular vote, they all agreed (there is a first time for everything!).
Ranking the next seven was impossible though (sooo... close!); they are simply "top photos", all of them, each expressing the particular couple's personality and photographer's style & technique.

Our criteria were simple

  • Love! You must feel it through the page.. (or computer screen - whatever)
  • Memorable, stunning photography (obviously!)
  • A sense of portrait. A photo in which you would expect your friends to recognize you. Something you would display at your wedding and in your home, forever..

Chastity & Rodel

Chastity & Rodel's 2010 engagement photo, by Esther Kelly Photography in Winnipeg

photo: Esther Kelly Photography, Winnipeg
(in association with blfStudios, Winnipeg)

This couple really wanted something unique and different for their shoot something that NO ONE else that they knew of would have something similar. Shooting in bright sun can be harsh but I positioned myself so that full sun would be on my subjects face and then then sub reflect in the windshield acted as fill light for her face. Even though the photo was taken in the harshness of a junk yard, this couple's love shine through and adds the soft contrast to this photo that can be clearly seen.

Karin & Pierre-Luc

Jenny & Tim's 2010 engagement photo, by davina + daniel in Montreal

photo: davina + daniel, Montréal

Kelly & Simon

Kelly & Simon's 2010 engagement photo, by Sara-Jane Photography in Cardinal, ON (prescott, brockville, ottawa)

photo: Sara Jane Photography, Cardinal, ON

For this image we wanted something unique and very different for them so we sent Kelly and Simon across the road at an OC Transit bus stop. We coached them before crossing the street telling them to lean up against the lamp post, focus on each other and just be the only ones on the street. "Do what comes natural" we said, and they did it! We waited only a few minutes before the bus came and we snapped this shot of them. We love the fact that the action of the bus compliments the action of the couple. Kelly and Simon were so fun and adventurous, ready for anything and very easy to direct.

Troy & Jen

Troy and Jen's 2010 engagement photo, by Wedded Bliss Photography in Vernon, BC

photo: Wedded Bliss Photography, Vernon, BC

Troy and Jen came to the Okanagan Valley from Calgary. The timing was perfect for their Engagement Photos as the cherry blossoms had just popped. They are a super fun, highly energetic couple, so there was no better backdrop than to get them jumping with all the beautiful blossoms behind them.

Sara & Cole

Sara & Coles 2010 engagement photo, by LVB Photography in Winnipeg

photo: LVB Photography, Winnipeg

What I love about this picture is that it is just so darn sweet! A couple sitting on a couch. Cuddling, holding each other, and a kiss on the cheek. When I look at this photo I think of those times when I've been held like that, and I've thought to myself "Wow, I am so happy right now, and I am so in love with you". This is modern romance at it's sweetest, a quiet moment on the couch. We all can relate.

Sava & Adam

Sava & Adam's 2010 engagement photo, by Christina (plus) Nathan in Calgary

photo: Christina (plus) Nathan, Calgary

For this photo I wanted to capture the fleeting essence of a kiss, and focus on the intimacy shared between them. I had the idea before the session, and we took about 20 photos to get the perfect one. My favourite thing about shooting into the sun and using flares is the unpredictable nature of it. I love how imperfect this photo is, the light, the non-traditional focus, it is like you are can feel the moment and passion right before the kiss.

Cara & Marc

Cara & Marc's 2010 engagement photo in Edmonton, by Jennifer Williams in Vancouver

photo: Jennifer Williams Photography, Vancouver

Cara, Marc and I drove out to an abandoned property in the rural southwest area of Edmonton and found this awesome wheat field. Our photo shoot only lasted about 15 minutes before we experienced a classic Alberta summer storm with crazy lightning and torrential rain! Thankfully they were a super fun couple and we got some great shots before the storm hit.

Runners-up / Honourable Mentions

Chastity & Rodel Jenny and Tim Melanie & Jeremy


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