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Bridal Fashion Trends 2011: Jewelled Belts

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Gown by Lazaro

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Jeweled belts will be hot, super hot for 2011 wedding gowns. Fresh off the fashion runways, this trendy accessory made a splash in pre season shows and was featured by many of the industry's hottest designers.

Gown by Lazaro

Many designers attached their jeweled belt directly onto the gown while others created detachable belts to give brides the option of wearing the belt the entire day or for only part of the day's festivities.

Gown by Forever Bridals

We love the detachable belt option because it gives the bride the opportunity to slightly change her look during the day without having to change outfits.

Gown by Forever Bridals

Thankfully designers have included belts in many of their designs this upcoming season giving brides a variety of gown styles to choose from without compromising this essential accessory.

Gown by Jenny Packham

Gown by Forever Bridals

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