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"What do you do with the dress when the wedding is over? "Revive the Dress" of course!"..

Although it's pretty popular in the UK and in the US, a lot of brides in Canada don't actually know what Trash the Dress is and they always had a scared look on their face when we used to suggest it. So at Style Photography we call it a "Revive the Dress" session because their dress is basically getting a 2nd chance and brides don't exactly have to "trash" the dress...unless they really want to :) ~ Angelique Duffield, Kelowna

Photography & article by Angelique Duffield - Style Photography

Like many brides you dreamed of the perfect gown, pored over bridal magazines and tried on dozens of dresses until you found the one that was absolutely right. You loved your wedding dress, and just the thought of it brings back happy memories of your wedding day. So you could put it a box, and store it for...what? Your daughter to wear? Maybe, but this isn't your great grandmother's generation where the practice was common.

Or you could give your dress another life and create some unique, contemporary images to hang on your wall as art, and have a fun, memorable afternoon shooting them without the pressure of the wedding day.

Revive the Dress photo sessions take place after the wedding and honeymoon are over..some say to symbolically show your husband that you will never need your wedding dress again, although it's common for the groom to get suited up and join the fun.

© Style Photography, Kelowna

John Michael Cooper's famous trash-the-dress wedding photo

According to an article in Digital Photo Pro, photographer John Michael Cooper was the main source of inspiration for a phenomenon called Trash the Dress, when he pioneered a new creative movement in the world of wedding photography made famous by his image of a woman in a burning wedding dress.

It's not necessary to go to that extreme! Revive the Dress photo sessions are ideal if:

  • your wedding day was held under less-than-perfect conditions;
  • you were disappointed by the photos that you received from your photographer after your wedding day;
  • you had a destination wedding with the photographer included, and want some more photos
  • you want a last hurrah before you donate your dress or take it to sell at a consignment shop;
  • you want to have some photos taken in a different season or location than your actual wedding (or maybe even celebrate your first anniversary with some new photos);
  • you just plain want to have a fun session that gives you fabulous, artistic images. This time, it really is YOUR day – you can be wild and crazy, or just a little bit daring. So why not take your gown out of storage and revive that dress!

© Style Photography, Kelowna

We also did a Highlights Video of the Revive the Dress session, including photos and video clips from the various locations we shot at, and since the articles I've read usually feature photos only, I think this would be great for brides to see what actually takes place.

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