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Urban Bride: City-Style Weddings

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Certainly destination weddings on sandy, exotic beaches are still trendy. However, many brides are saving money by staying in their hometown for the wedding. City-style weddings are becoming more and more popular. These types of affairs are generally held on city rooftops and incorporate the city itself as the backdrop. City-style weddings can be a lot cheaper than those in faraway locales, if they are done right.


Do you live in high-rise apartment? Your rooftop might be the perfect place for your wedding. The city skyline in the background will look absolutely gorgeous in your wedding photographs. If you don't live downtown, ask around to some of the local commercial buildings in the area that you like. You'll be surprised how many are willing to rent out their rooftops.

Your city-style wedding doesn't have to be high in the sky either. Museums, libraries and art galleries are also fantastic ideas for a wedding in the city. Do you want a little bit of nature incorporated into your city wedding? Local city parks are a very affordable place to host your wedding. Keep in mind that though you get a permit, most parks can't guarantee other people won't be strolling by.


Want to save some cash without cutting your guest list? Consider a brunch-time reception rather than dinner. Early daytime weddings are generally half the cost than those that serve dinner. If you must have your wedding later in the day, consider a weeknight rather than Friday or Saturday.

What to Wear?

Anything you want! For a rooftop, city-style wedding, you can wear anything from a ballgown to a sexy sheath to a short wedding dress. Modern dresses are your best choice rather than frilly, lace gowns. Skip the long veils and extensive trains. Your groom can stick to a classic tuxedo or wear a more casual suit - depending on the style of your dress.

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