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More DIY Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

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Sometimes, turning your wedding planning visions into reality doesn't accommodate your pocketbook, especially in such economically trying times. Thankfully, being frugal and budget oriented does not mean taking away from the special details that will make your wedding unforgettable. Too, DIY is not always budget-driven creativity is important and getting-it-exactly-right as well.

Either way, do-it-yourself weddings are "in" and with so many couples embracing the DIY movement, we 're always busy helping you along the way with as many easy, affordable and practical ideas as we can collect. Today, more "do-it-yourself" centrepiece ideas that will impress even your most discerning of guests.

1. Glasses

Rent some large Martini glasses (or other glass vases) and fill them with either clear or coloured gel balls; add a small LED light or candle. Or, skip the candle and add flowers or seasonal fruit. There is a great discussion (with more examples) about this idea, on Jenberg's Pink Wedding blog.

Fruit-filled martini glass vase, as a DIY wedding centrepiece idea

bead-filled, candled-topped martini glasses, as a DIY wedding centerpiece idea


Or simpler yet: find some large water goblets and place them upside down on your table with a flower inside each one, plus a small candle on the top:

Great DIY wedding centrepiece idea: upside-down glass with a flower inside and a candle on top

source: "Easy Party Ideas" from Every Day with Rachel Ray

Or, place one single flower in a wine glass; you can even add some pearls to each for effect. Assemble three or more of these glasses on your table's centre and you have a very unique and elegant centrepiece.

Rose floating in big wine glass, DIY wedding centrepiece idea

source: the "Classy Wedding Ideas" blog

2. Feathers

Add long fluffy feathers to a vase of your choice (long and slender vases work best). Before adding the feathers, add gel filling and LED lights to the vase


White, ostrich feather wedding centrepiece idea

If you don't like tall vases, you can use a short vase with a candle in it and place the flowers around the vase like a wreath.

White feather and candle, DIY wedding centrepiece idea

source: By Your Side Events

3. Candles

Candles are always a wedding favourite. You can buy lots of candles and arrange them any way you like to create a memorable and eye catching centerpiece.

For example, buy lots of little candles and a multi-tiered cake plate for each table. Arrange the candles on each cake plate to create a stunning illusion.

Tiered candeles, as a wedding centrepiece


Floating candles combined with flowers are always a popular choice as well:

Combination floating candle, orchid flower, glass vase DIY wedding centrepiece

idea: The Event Dressers

Or, candles with flower petals...

Combination candle in a vase of flower petals DIY wedding centrepiece idea


Or, keep it simple with a variety of tall thin candle holders and a simple tall candle to match...

Pink candles centrepiece

recommended by Martha!

4. Boxes

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and can add lots of texture and colour to your table. For example, arrange lots of little favour boxes atop a single tier cake plate to add height and interest to your table's centre. Make sure you have boxes in a variety of colours to add an extra element to your display.

Using your wedding favours as a centrepiece!

idea: Martha Stewart Weddings

Another option is to buy slightly larger boxes. Decorate them in your wedding colours, then add flowers to the top of each box.

Flower box, as a DIY wedding centrepiece

Pink roses on ribboned boxes, DIY wedding centrepiece

source: Perfect Wedding blog

Combination colored gift boxes, as a wedding centerpiece


5. Themed Centrepieces

If you really don't know what you would like to use on your tables as décor, one of the simplest ways to find the perfect centerpiece is to choose an item that represents the two of you as a couple


For example, if you are coffee or tea lovers, place a coffee or tea pot at each table. Remove the lid and place flowers on top. Rest the lid next to the pot with the table number on it...

Interesting DIY wedding centrepiece idea: Teapot!

idea by - of course!

Clear glass tea pot as  DIY wedding centrepiece


Or perhaps you are book lovers; stack several books asymmetrically on the table with some flowers on top..

Book-themed wedding décor

A StoryBOOK Wedding, part II

Old books and flowers: themed wedding centrepiece

From a BizBash L.A. editorial

"Creating centerpieces for your wedding can be fun and creative. Just use your imagination and you will undoubtedly come up with something that will be a one of a kind DIY masterpiece!"..

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