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Quick Guide: Spring Wedding Favour Ideas

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minature metal pails: DIY wedding favour containers, from WeddingStar

Miniature Metal Pails, perfect for DIY wedding favour containers,
from Prelude to a Kiss Wedding Specialists' online store.

It may still be only January but we, like many Canadians, just can't get spring and summer off our minds. Luckily, your spring wedding is really just around the corner; so, let's take a short leap ahead and look at some ideas to get you thinking about your spring wedding favours..

Favours are a natural place to start talking about spring items for your wedding because they are a must have item and since favour options are virtually endless, there is always lots to talk about. Also, favours often are helpful in adding an extra element of décor to your table setting, acting as part of the centerpiece or as the centerpiece itself. Mind you, regardless of how you choose to distribute or display your favours, spring, in all its glory, offers a launch pad of freshness and colour to all things wedding.

"When trying to decide what type of favours you want to have at your wedding, it may help to break them down into categories and choose from there based on your wedding's overall theme or your personal style."..

Spring Themed Favours

Since we are talking about spring favours, this is the logical first grouping. Choosing your favours based on season is an easy way to find the perfect item. Flowers, sunshine, and longer days are all things synonymous with spring..

 garden shovel: wedding favour for a spring or green wedding

Miniature Garden Shovel with Grass Green Handle, practical, "sustainable" and eco-friendly - perfect for a green wedding,
source: Creative Expressions Accessories

"Love Bug" ladybug magnets: spring wedding favours from Kate Aspen

"Love Bug" Ladybug Magnets
source: Bridalicious!

Miniature Camping Lantern Key Chain, spring / outdoor wedding guest favor

Miniature Camping Lantern Key Chain - ideal for Spring and outdoor weddings
source: Winding Road Weddings, in Guelph ON.

Love Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers, wedding favour

Love Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers, from Prelude to a Kiss Wedding Specialists.

Candle Favours

Candles are always an excellent choice for favours. They are a useful item that can be used by your guests after the wedding. They can also adorn your table or can be used throughout the night as part of your centerpiece. Find candles that also represent spring and you have found the perfect favours for a spring wedding!

 watering can candles wedding favours

Another practical garden-themed spring favour: Watering Can Candles by Print Canada Store

Sailboat candles wedding favours

Nautically-themed (beach wedding? yacht-club wedding?) sailboat candles / wedding favours
source: The Wedding Shoppe

Sand and Sea-shell tealight holder, ocean/beach themed wedding favour

Another ocean-themed candle: Sand and Shell Tealight Holder
also from The Wedding Shoppe

"Cherry Blossoms" Vellum Wine Glass Shades by Bridalicious!

Practical Wedding Favours

We love favours that can actually be used by your guests well after the wedding. For this reason, we have compiled a list of items that not only depict spring but would also make a useful gift...

Lemonade mix, as a party favor!

"Main Squeeze" Lemonade Mix, perfect for warm spring and summer outdoor and backyard weddings
source: Elegance by Design Inc.'s online accessories store

Ceramic icecream cone favours

Ceramic Ice-Cream-Cone-shaped Ice Cream Bowl Favours
source: Wedding Style - Wedding Favours

 Eco-Friendly Note Pad and Pencil guest favour

"Write from My Heart" Eco-Friendly Note Pad and Pencil
source: Bridalicious!

Personalized golf balls wedding favours

Personalized golf balls from

DIY Wedding Favours

"Do-it-Yourself"-anything is very popular right now. Favours are probably one of the easiest ways to include some "DIY" know how in your wedding. Hands down one of the most popular DIY options is to purchase boxes or containers and fill them with whatever you like, candy, chocolate, mints, or soap. In keeping with a spring theme, perhaps wildflowers may be a good choice. Or make sure your containers are "spring" themed and voila! Instant favours with a personal touch...

Butterflies Laser-Cut Favor Box

Butterflies (Laser-Cut) Favour Containers
source: Bridalicious!

Favor Boxes & Flower Tags

Favor Boxes & Flower Tags from Creative Expressions Accessories

DIY wedding favours: candy jars containers

A different style container: Favor Jars, also from Creative Expressions Accessories.

Cala-lily, mini-pails, DIY wedding favour containers

Cala Lily Mini Pails, DIY wedding favour containers from Nuptial Celebrations

Favours are a great way to add personality and style to your wedding. If you are at a complete loss as to what type of favours would be best, you have to look no further than to nature itself. For a spring wedding, nature dictates with fresh blooms, beautiful scents, and bright sunny days. Take notice and let your surroundings guide you; you can't possibly go wrong!

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