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2009/2010 Bridal Trends - Fall Makeup: Smokey Eyes!

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"Still dramatic and feminine, the smokey eye this year takes centre stage as lips and cheeks are left in neutral colours, so as not to distract from the eyes' bold look."..

Allure Bridals 2010 bridal gown style 8661

© Allure Bridals (2010 gown style #8661)

Now that summer is over and fall is officially upon us, it is time to herald in the season with one of the hottest fashion trends of the year - the smokey eye! Smokey eyes have been popular time and again over the years but for fall 2009, we see a new take on an old favourite.

  • Where blacks and browns once dominated the smokey eye look, now purples, grays and jewel tones in general top the must have lists for eye shadow this season.
  • But, if you are an earth tone kinda gal at heart, opt for gold and bronze eye shadows to add some softness to the drama.

  • To keep this look fresh and trendy, be careful to not overdo the cheeks and lips. The main difference in this year's smokey eye trend is that the rest of the face looks natural.
  • This includes the eyebrows. Do not over-tweeze.
  • If the eyes don't do it in your case, switch the boldness to your lips instead and leave your eyes neutral.
  • Remember, in order to keep your look fresh for this season, emphasize either the eyes or the lips but not both. The rest of your face should look natural with a light application of foundation and a minimal brush of mascara.

2010 Bridal Makeup Trends: Smokey Eyes

makeup: Sara Lindsay, Regina

As with all trends, it is important to ensure that the look is right for you. Book an appointment with your beauty expert well before your wedding day (don't have one yet? Find one here!) and experiment with your makeup.

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