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Great Gadget Wedding Favours

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"Your guests will love taking home mementos that are handy, sweet, and sentimental all at the same time!"..

Anyone who's ever scarfed down their little sachet of candy favours before they've even left the reception knows that wedding favours aren't always meant to last a lifetime. But what they might not know is that there are wedding favours out there which are not only meant for guests to keep, but also to use.

Gadget Favours: It's All in the Packaging

The key to finding favours that are both fun and functional is all in the way they're presented. For example, imagine the following items splayed out plainly on a table, with no special packaging or tags: a key light, purse hook, a measuring tape, a kitchen timer, and a pizza cutter. Now, check out those same items below - completely transformed by quippy quotes about love and perfectly pretty packaging.

Gadget wedding favours: LED keychain

The packaging on this press and hold LED light key chain bears the sunny inscription, "You light up my life", while the printed gift card bears the bride and groom's names and the date. Courtesy of online boutique, Paradise Style Group, this is one favour that's sure to shine and will make your guests smile!

Gadget wedding favours: handcuff purse hook

At first glance, this wedding favour might be mistaken for a pair of kinky handcuffs - but it's actually a handy purse hook! Strong enough for both large and small purses, this heart-shaped handbag hook - which will probably come in handy right away at the reception - is available at Vancouver's DreamGroup Boutique.

Gadget wedding favours: key chain and measuring tape

A key chain and measuring tape in one, this gadget from online boutique, Wedding Style is available in round or heart shapes with the label "Love Beyond Measure" (funny!).

Gadget wedding favours: kitchen timer in the shape of a champagne bucket

Online boutique, Bridalicious! not only has a party-perfect name, it also carries a huge selection of fun favours for your wedding guests, including this kitchen timer in the shape of a champagne bucket. The matching bottle-shaped gift tag reads "Let's Celebrate!", while the bucket's base twists to count down any time frame from one minute to 60 minutes.

Gadget wedding favours: miniature pizza box

This "Slice of Love" pizza cutter from London, Ontario's The Wedding Shoppe is perfectly packaged in a miniature pizza box tied with a tiny white organza bow. L-O-V-E is spelled out on the stainless steel cutter, while the matching tag reads "Hot & Fresh For You." Other pizza puns just begging to be used include: "A pizza my heart" and "From the saucy bride and groom." (Too cheesy?)

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