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Wedding Cupcakes 101: Cupcake Wedding Cake Ideas

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cupcake wedding cake for a wedding reception

Cakes by Meg in South Surrey, BC

"Why are cupcakes becoming so popular at weddings? Maybe because they're sweet, beautiful, and delicate... a lot like love!" (also cheap, easy, possibly DIY and neatly portioned into individual servings already!)..

Super-creative custom birdcage wedding cupcakes

Cotton & Crumbs in the UK (unfortunatelly!)

If you've been to a wedding in the last year, chances are good that cupcakes were served in lieu of - or in addition to - a wedding cake. Wedding cake makers have had to update their menus and websites to meet the growing demand for wedding cupcakes, which are poised to overtake wedding cakes in popularity. With cupcakes becoming the new norm at weddings, cake makers will need to get increasingly creative to stand out!

elegant wedding cupcakes

SugarFix Cakes, Surrey BC

When you think about it, cupcakes have quite a bit going for them! Here are only a few (most of which we found on the vancouver wedding blog).


  • Can be easily personalized. In theory, each guest could have their own personal cupcake. For a smaller affair, it can be easily done and would add a great personal touch to your event.
  • Are also very economical. You can keep costs down by just adorning them with pretty icing. The actual baking costs of the cupcakes are far less than an actual wedding cake. And..
  • They are the ultimate DIY wedding cake. You may not trust someone in the family to make a "proper" cake, but any friend can spend an afternoon baking a bunch of cupcakes!
  • You don't have to cut them in order to serve them. So you require less staff at your reception (more savings!). You can simply have them laid out for guests to take directly from the cake table.
  • They are different anf fun! Cupcakes offer a new twist on an old favourite. It adds another unique element to your wedding. (mind you, since everyone seems to be seeing the wisdom in cupcakes, the originality factor is smaller these days..)
  • They can double as centrepieces! Wow! Arrange your cupcakes in the centre of each table as the centrepiece. Save a centrepiece and be different and original again!
  • They are so pretty!!!! I don't know about you but I just love looking at cupcakes with all that decadent icing on them. And you can easily do different colours, match them to your theme, adorn them with initials, patterns etc..
  • They are really trendy. Simple to make, easy on your budget, and full of sugary goodness AND all the rage. What more can you ask?

cupcakes with a cake on top + and a cool caketopper too

Cakery Bakery, Calgary AB

Possible Creative Cupcake Arrangements for your Wedding

Personalized cupcakes

personalised wedding cupcakes

Personalization is the icing on the cupcake! These decadent treats by Sara's Simply Delicious in Sydney, Nova Scotia are topped off with the bride and groom's initials.

Flowers and lace mini-Wedding-Cakes

mini-wedding-cake cupcakes

Somewhere between a cake and a cupcake, these wedding mini-cakes by Patricia's Cake Creations in Mississauga, are almost too beautiful to eat. Pastel pink and blue undertones are reminiscent of retro wedding cakes from the 1950s and 60s (beehive wedding hair not included.)

Calla Lily cupcakes (+cake!)

chocolate cupcakes supporting a wedding cake

Cupcakes can be classy? Of course! These chocolate cupcakes are frosted with a sweet, spring green icing and topped with a calla lily cake, courtesy of Patricia's Cake Creations in Mississauga.

Embossed (flower pattern) Cupcakes

White, embossed, floratl pattern wedding cupcakes

By Cakework (Cape Breton, NS)
Vanilla cupcakes are topped with embossed fondant over a rich layer of real Buttercream icing. A tiny whimsical flower with pearl candy center completes the decoration on these sophisticated cupcakes.

Chocolate cherry cupcakes

chocolate-dipped cherry wedding cupcakes

Just when you thought they couldn't get any sweeter, here we have cupcakes with a chocolate-dipped cherry on top! Created by Victoria, BC's Cakes Galore, this tiered tower of wedding cupcakes demonstrates how beautiful the overall presentation can be with a few perfectly-placed blossoms.

Classic cupcakes

replacing your wedding cake with a cupcake tower

Makers of the best cupcakes in Montréal, Sugar Rush Cakes has created this tower of classic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes topped with icing and sprinkles. The cake "present" on top is frosted with beautiful baby blue icing and white icing bow, to complete the perfect package.

The Glam & Glittery Creations of Custom Coffey Cakeries

Which, tragically for Candian brides, is located in California :-(


Cupcake Stands?

Right! lest we forget, you might just need one of these:

Black & White wedding cupcake tower by Weddingstar

Damask Display Tower for Cupcakes,
from Weddingstar

Add a "Cutting Cake" to the Top Tier

Good IDea: incorportate a mini cutting cake to the top of the cupcake tower

From Courtney & Brad's wedding: that's the way to do it! Ad a mini "cutting cake" to the top of the cupcake stand/tower. So you can still have a "poper" traditional cake-cutting during the wedding reception (another photo-op!) but then simply serve or buffet the yuppy cupcakes to each guest..
(photos: one² photography, GTA)

Wedding Cupcake Gallery!

Some great real-life examples to help you. Click for bigger photos.

Match the Cupcakes to your decor In a Cupcake Hot-tub! Purple Cupcakes Gorgeous artisan cupcakes Lemontart Cupcakes Wedding mini-cake Wedding mini-cakes Little Daisies Wedding Cupcakes Elegant Wedding Cupcakes Mini-Wedding-Cakes Cupcakes Matching the floral trim.. Wedding Cupcakes Serving a Cupcake Wedding Cake Pretty in Pink Cupcake Wedding Cake Sharon's Cake Winter/Outdoor wedding cupcakes Fall Cupcakes Wedding Cupcakes Happycakes! Clovelly Wedding Vegan Cupcakes Wedding Cupcakes Yellow Daisies Purple! Red fondant cake with Cupcakes Something Blue.. Black & White Wedding Cupcakes Gardeners Delight! Spring Blooms Pink Butterflies and Daisies

Adding fresh roses and greenery, along with ribbon and lace-edge doilies can really bring a cupcake tower to life! These vanilla cupcakes are topped with rolled buttercream and tiny fondant roses carefully tinted to match the bride's choice of colours. Did you know in medieval times that roses petals were all the rage not just for their looks but for their flavour and healing properties? Rose petals were used in many dishes for the wealthy and rose water was used for luxurious bathing by nobles. Physicians prescribed rose water for medicinal purposes including healthy heart, certain organs and to prevent/cure fainting!
(By Cakework, Cape Breton NS)

A Great Fall Theme

10 different flavours of cupcakes, including Cocoa-nut

10 different flavours of cupcakes, including Cocoa-nut!
Sugar Sweet Cake Company, Kelowna

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