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Lovestruck: Vancouver's Hippest Fall Bridal Show?

Posted At : September 10, 2009 2:28 PM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 5,715
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There seems to be a proliferation of Fall bridal shows in the Vancouver area these days.. which is great! A few years ago there weren't any! Judging by the hype on the street, Lovestruck seems to be making the biggest splash. They were the first to incorporate wedding 101 seminars to their shows 3-4 years ago, along with a number of other practival and interesting ideas and innovations and they seem to be on the cutting edge still.. methinks I will attend for sure this year.

Lovestruck, Vancouver Fall bridal show

Here is a collection of interesting tidbits from one of their press releases:

On November 15th, 2009 LOVESTRUCK Bridal show and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation want to ensure all our brides have a long and healthy marriage! $5 from every ticket sale will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation ...

.. Designer Malene Grotrian will be here hot off the heels of her debut at New York Fashion week. She will be showing her collection under the fashion tents in New York and then again at LOVESTRUCK along with Ivory Bridal, Pure Something clothing and Shirley Aun Couturier exclusively featuring Betsey Johnson. You won't want to miss this years fashion show! Come see a real New York Fashion Show collection and meet the designers. Malene will also be donating a one of kind Breast Cancer inspired gown for silent auction at the show!

And you won't want to miss this year's surprise musical guest, He will sing his latest single live for all the brides! (ok, now I really need to be there! ~ed.)

And wait until you see the gift bags! More stuffed with goodies then any other show in town! Items include: Compact mirror, spa set, manicure set, pedicure set, sewing kit, sterling silver jewelry, chocolates, goodies, and more! And it all comes in the uber stylish reusable LOVESTRUCK Tote! Spread the word and come on down for a worthy cause! Together we can make cancer history!

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