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Market Guide: Wedding DJs in Greater Toronto

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Having trouble deciding on a DJ for your wedding reception? We've compiled a list of the very best in DJ services in the GTA to be sure that you've got the perfect melodies for your special day!

Greater Toronto Wedding DJ: Elite DJ

Elite DJ

Most wedding receptions need more than just a DJ changing CDs in the corner and not interacting with the crowd. At Elite Entertainment, you'll get a complete multimedia entertainment package for your wedding reception. This includes lighting services, projection screens and a host of other fancy gagets.

Greater Toronto Wedding DJ: Elite DJ

On top of 22 years experience performing at weddings and functions, DJ Tony brings with him a library of well over 20,000 song titles. The basic wedding package also includes low laying fog and all the setup costs.

Dee Dee Jays

Dee Dee Jays is a family run enterprise that offers one of Toronto's most versatile DJ and wedding entertainment services. With over 40 years experience, they specialize is multi-cultural events and offer services in more than 20 languages with a uniquely diverse staff of DJs and performers. Partnering with Dynamic Sound and Lighting Systems the team here can provide all manner of musical choices to suit any size and style of wedding reception.

Greater Toronto Wedding DJ: Dee Dee Jays

This is a great place to stop by if you're not quite sure what you want just yet. Anastasia will be more than happy to throw around ideas and ensure your guests are thrilled. If you're looking for some wedding reception entertainment they can also arrange Greek, Latin, Indian and Spanish style dance troops.

Greater Toronto Wedding DJ: Dee Dee Jays

DJ Kreation

At some wedding receptions the DJ plays a central role, perhaps doubling as the MC. But at others it's nice to have your DJ spinning without being the centre of attention. With more than 20 years in the industry, DJ Kreation says its all about being "part of the party". That means blending in with the décor while still being interactive with the audience.

Greater Toronto Wedding DJ: DJ Kreation

DJ Kreation is also an expert in wedding preparations and will customize your space before hand as part of the service to make sure you get the ambience just right. Don't think you have to spend thousands to get a great service either! Be sure to ask about the basic package which includes a fantastic dance lightning display.

Greater Toronto Wedding DJ: DJ Kreation

DJ Darryl Palmer

If music is the heartbeat of the party then DJ Darryl Palmer is the pulse. An accomplished singer singing DJs, Darryl Palmer can add to the musical entertainment with singing performances that can have your guests on their feet in no time. His repertoire includes everything from swing to funk, disco to hip-hop. To get the very best we suggest asking for a few big band numbers that everyone at your wedding reception will enjoy.

Greater Toronto Wedding DJ: DJ Darryl Palmer

Party lighting, special musical tributes, ceremony music, and music party toys can all be included as part of a wedding entertainment package. If you're looking for gentle background music during dinner and a foot tapping show-stoppers when everyone hits the dance floor, Darryl is a great option for both.

Bob Hawkins

Bob Hawkins offers a unique DJ service that has built an incredible reputation over the last 30 years. While some DJs spin for a bit of fun and extra money, the team here works full time on events and weddings! They're available for appointments almost round the clock and you'll very rarely call them and not get an answer.

Greater Toronto Wedding DJ: Bob Hawkins

Every event is specially tailored to the venue and feedback is very important to Bob and Robert who aim to perfect every wedding they cater for. More work goes into this than your standard service which means you really do get a great product. Bob also says that wedding entertainment should never take the spotlight away from the bride so the team is careful not to be overly interactive and maintain a socially diverse environment.

Greater Toronto Wedding DJ: Bob Hawkins

Bruce Graham

Again, if you can not decide between live performers at your wedding reception and a DJ, why not have both, with a singing DJ? Bruce Graham's wedding performances are a joy. He has a huge repertoire of classic show numbers and can belt out a great tune. Plan it with him before-hand, to surprise and entertain your guests at key moments.

Greater Toronto Wedding DJ: Bruce Graham

Bruce also has a group of talented DJs that work with him at weddings and carry thousands of songs with them so you're sure to get exactly what you want at your wedding reception.

"I think every DJ has certain types of functions they like to do better. I usually send my DJs out to the functions they are good at.. If you have the right people you can cover all the bases."

Kory Livingstone - a custom song, just for you!

Another singing DJ to add to the mix, Kory Livingstone is a talented performer who will really add some atmosphere to your wedding reception. But the service doesn't end there! Kory is a fantastic composer as well and specializes in creating custom songs for the Bride or Groom as wedding gifts.

Greater Toronto Wedding DJ: Kory Livingstone

Simply give him some background information like nicknames or the odd funny anecdote and he'll whip up a great little number tailored specifically to you. This includes a unique melody and a professionally CD copy of the song or songs. Visit Kory's website and get an idea of exactly what you're in for, there's a great sample selection of past compositions that you can listen to and download!

That's Great Entertainment

Leslie at That's Great Entertainment is one of the few female DJs that really stand out in the Toronto wedding scene. Female DJs often have a great rapport with the Bride and can read the audience exceptionally well. As Leslie says, "Music is a tool for people to have fun" and this shows through in her performances.

Greater Toronto Wedding DJ: That's great entertainment

That's Great Entertainment offers a unique service with costumes and props to add a bit a flavour to the day. It's all a very interactive experience, so if you have guests that are keen to shake a leg Leslie is on of the best at getting people up and dancing! Best of all, she's also a certified Wedding Planner, so there's always the option of using her services for more than just the music.


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