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Bridal Fashion: Some Sexy Plus-Size Wedding Gowns

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Plus-sized, curvy, full-figured - whatever you call wedding dresses in larger sizes, there's one thing that everyone seems to agree on: there's not enough selection! So if you're a full-figured bride-to-be, does that mean you have to sacrifice style for size? It doesn't have to. We've found a selection of sexy, sophisticated plus-size wedding dresses in a variety of styles. (and stay tuned for more!)

Christelle bridal gown from Igigi

The "Christelle" dress from Igigi channels 1950s glamour with off-the-shoulder satin and stretch lace.

Vixen satin mermaid dress from Torrid

The "Vixen" satin mermaid dress from Torrid, featured on Aisle Dash.

Blanca wedding gown from Zaftique

The angelic "Blanca" gown from Zaftique features an empire waist, bell sleeves, and split-front skirt.

Ivana wedding dress

The "Ivana" dress from Curvy Girl Clothing features a sexy wrap-style top with ruching at the waist.

kiyonna, vintage lace plus-size wedding dress

Vintage lace but with a modern twist: this dress from Kiyonna features a stretch satin charmeuse lining for a perfect fit.

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