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Real Wedding Locations: Idea! Wedding in a Greenhouse

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wedding in a greenhouse

One of our 2009 wedding photographers of the week, Mary Jane Howland from Victoria was just showing us photos from one of her recent events. Great-looking couple and seemingly a super-fun event, but what stuck me the most was the location: a Glendale Gardens greenhouse!

wedding reception in a green house

photos © Mary Jane Howland,, Victoria

Come to think of it, what a great idea! Not quite outdoor, not quite indoor, but the best of both worlds: the comfort of a "room" combined with the ambiance of a garden.. very clever.. And being situated right in the middle of the gardens, you don't have to travel far at all, to take pictures... Here is what the bride had to say regartding the unusual choice:

Well, we wanted a west coasty outdoor wedding with a backyard BBQ feel but May is still so iffy when it comes to rain. So this way we were able to have the outdoor feel without worrying about rain or finding someone with a big back yard and renting tents! The greenhouse was perfect. Although a little hot in the mid dinner it had cooled off! And we loved that it was soo bright!

photo © Mary Jane Howland,, Victoria

Here are some more photos...

wedding decor: greenhouse wedding

lavender soap wedding favours

photos © Mary Jane Howland,, Victoria

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