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Wedding Music 101: Classical Instruments for your Ceremony and Reception

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Whether you're having a band or DJ entertain at your wedding reception your should still consider using classical instruments to create a romantic ambience at your wedding ceremony and the early portion reception.

A complete band can sometimes become overpowering and diminish the overall atmosphere of your wedding reception. However, well chosen and performed classical, flamenco and soft jazz pieces create a mellow and serene tone.

Classical Guitarists

A lone classical guitar player or duelling guitars at the wedding ceremony can add that magical quality without detracting from the ceremony itself. A well played classical guitar is a warm and intimate instrumental choice that provides unique elegance.

Light, easy-listening and traditional guitar styles especially are perfect for the wedding ceremony. During dinner, ask your guitarist to play some fun and lively Flamenco!

Remember that the music at your wedding reception is entirely your choice. A well trained classical guitarist will be able to adjust his or her style to your taste, so don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Consult with your musicians beforehand and ensure that they have a repertoire prepared that will match the mood of your wedding reception. Tip: Consult with your musicians beforehand and ensure that they have a repertoire prepared that will match the mood of your wedding reception. Find musicians so talented that your attendees will want to find acoustic guitar lessons afterwards!


While it might seem cliché at first, having a harp player to your wedding ceremony and reception can add an entirely new romantic dimension to the day. The harp is a very versatile instrument and can create tranquil or lively atmosphere depending on your choice of tunes.

Your Harp player will undoubtedly know classical pieces by Wagner, Tchaikovsky and Zabel and these can be played as mood music during the ceremony But Harps were also used extensively in 60's and 70's pop music, so having a rendition of your favourite Beatles ballad could be a good choice during dinner as well!

String Ensembles

Pairs or Ensembles of stringed instruments are another great alternative to the traditional band or DJ. A Violin accompanied by a Cello is one of the most popular pairings of stringed instruments. Again these groups can play a huge variety of music.

Modern pop and 80's electro used Violins extensively. So while they might start with soft melodious classical tunes, ask your classical musicians to prepare a few contemporary songs as well. Anything by The Corrs is a safe bet, especially if there is a vocalist in the pair. Violin-played renditions of most modern pop songs will sound great at your wedding reception as background music during dinner and drinks.

The Piano

Few instruments can be adapted to almost any situation. The Piano is one of the most versatile and under the right instruction can create a sophisticated ambience in your wedding reception hall.

Choice of music for the Piano is diverse. Having a Pianist who can also provide vocals and read music (most can) will give you great flexibility in your selections and will also give guests the opportunity to make requests.

Combinations of Classical Instruments

Consider having a combination of classical instruments as part of your wedding entertainment. The larger the ensemble of classical instruments, the more versatile the repertoire of songs they will be able to perform. Try to tailor the size of the ensemble to the size of the venue.

Where to seat your classical musicians

This should not be a last minute consideration! Where you place the band is very important to the flow of the music and of the wedding ceremony and reception.

Depending on the space you are using and the way you choose to use the performers, they can be off to the side, in the wings or centre stage. It all depends on the role they are playing in your day.

If you intend for them to provide mood music don't give them too large a profile. But also, consider sound quality when you're setting up the room. Professional musicians will know what sounds best in the wedding reception hall so be sure to consult them well ahead of time before you begin your seating plan.

Looking for a classical musician in your area?

For a complete list of classical musicians consult our canadian musicians & entertainers directory and find the perfect musical accompaniment for your wedding ceremony and reception.

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