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Wedding Centerpieces: More DIY Ideas

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Sometimes traditional centerpieces and decorations can be a little boring. But your wedding centerpieces don't have to be blasé. With a little ingenuity and creativity, you can create amazing centerpieces that are unique and memorable. Here are several more ideas for wedding centerpieces that really make a statement.

Outdoor Wedding?

If you are having an outdoor wedding in a garden, consider incorporating elements of nature into your centerpieces. If you are trying to have something different than flowers, you have a variety of interesting types of centerpieces to choose from.


Birdhouses! - Small birdhouses can make wonderful centerpieces. You can buy them at craft stores or gardening shops. Paint them to match your wedding color scheme and then give them away to the youngest (or oldest) person at each table at the end of the reception.

Lucky bamboo centrepieces

Bamboo plants - Lucky bamboo plants can add a little greenery to your reception tables and are also a great way to share the luck of the newlywed couple with your wedding guests. Also consider bonsai tree topiaries for a modern look.

Interactive Centerpieces??

Another fabulous option for your wedding reception tables. These types of centerpieces give your guests something to do.


Mini mailboxes - Buy miniature mailboxes and paint them with the last name of the new couple. Place one mailbox on the center of each table, along with notepads and pens. Ask the guests to write a note to the bride and groom. The notes can be funny, sentimental or a little bit of both. It's a great alternative to a traditional guest book.

Disposable cameras - Place a basket in the middle of the table with a few disposable cameras inside. Leave a card on the table that explains to the guests you need their help with some wedding photography. At the end of the night, they can leave the cameras back in the basket for the bride and groom to develop. Your guests will get plenty of candid shots that your photographer never could!

(but not if you want a green wedding! -editor)

wedding favours

Favour centerpieces - Your wedding favors can do double duty as centerpieces. Whether you are giving favor boxes, bags or other packaging, they can be grouped together in the middle of the table to create a colorful centerpiece. At the end of the night, each guest can remove a favor and take it home as a token of your thanks for sharing your wedding day.

Other Crazy Unique Wedding Centerpieces

  • Fish bowls with live goldfish or colorful beta fish!

    Fish Bowl wedding Centrepiece

  • A shallow pan filled with sand, shells, a small shovel and pail for a beach wedding.
  • Snow globes or miniature ice sculptures for a winter wedding

    Snowflake Ice Centrepiece

    Snowflake Ice Centrepiece, Ice Culture, Ontario

  • Cornucopias full of fruit, vegetables and gourds for a fall weddings

    Cornucopia wedding Centrepiece

  • Mini wedding cakes on each table can double as centerpieces and dessert

Centerpieces can play a big part in setting the tone of your wedding decorations. To make your wedding reception memorable, select centerpieces that are a little out of the ordinary to set your wedding above the rest.

Story by Kori Ellis

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