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Fashion Trend Alert: Blossoming Bridal Gowns!

Posted At : July 10, 2009 12:22 PM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 39,646
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As if we didn't already know that flowers and weddings go well together, the latest trend in bridal gowns gives us more proof. Whether they're embroidered, appliqued, or actually sculpted from the fabric, flowers are everywhere on wedding dresses these days!

Alvina Valenti wedding dress

This Alvina Valenti gown is filled with froth and flowers, and looks good enough to eat :-)

bridal gown from Qomis

The flowers attached to the train of this chiffon gown from Qomis are bloomin' beautiful.

wedding dress with flowers!

A di"vine" wedding dress we found on the Funky Trend. blog.

bridal gown with fabric flower embellishment

A big fabric flower adds extra 'oomph' to this designer gown

Carolina Herrera wedding dress

Big, bold blossom appliques are more subtle when placed at knee-length of a drop-waist dress such as this Carolina Herrera design.

Story by G. Melanson

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