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Bachelorette Party Idea: Super-Sexy Fashion Photo Shoot

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Here is a great stagette idea we just ran into. Calgary photographer Kirstey Ball's Super Sexy People offers a professional fashion photo-shoot for you and your friends, to start the evening. (of course, if you are not located in Calgary, you can find another photographer with fashion experience and the right facilities and equipment and do the same in your city..)

All the girls at a bachelorette photo shoot

Two girls at Bachelorette photo shoot

Whether you wish to forego the traditional "wild" stagette or simply get some great shots before everyone gets too happy to shoot straight(!), why not get the girls together for a photo shoot that captures your all at your most radiant? You can make it your bridal party as a gift, or if you're a Maid of Honour searching for the perfect surprise, this is a great option for you as well!

Bachelorette Party Photo Shoot

Bachelorette Party Photo Shoot, SuperSexyPeople

How the Super-Sexy fashion shoot works

Basd on her experience Kirstey has the following pointers for you. Her service will definitely include all this and more. She says:

Most people are quite surprised at how tiring all that posing can be, and also how exhilarated and confident they feel afterwards when they leave.

  • Start off with a 1-on-1 meeting to decide on the editorial style of the photo shoot. Your photographer shoudl know what makes you tick, what makes you most attractive to others and how to best create a custom photo shoot to emphasize those positive characteristics.
  • On shooting day, expect to spend ~3 hours at the studio. You'll start with hair and makeup styling, before wardrobe selections that should be tailored to the look and feel of the shoot.
  • Kirsty likes to keep you topped up with refreshments, pump the music and get the adrenaline going in the room. So take a favourite playlist, or a bunch of songs you like - anything that makes you relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Each bachelorette party photo shoot is unique. If any of the girls have ideas or questions it's a good idea to throw them around and take as many shots as possible with different themes and poses.
  • There should plenty of flexibility in the process and you should be able shoot "On Location" if you can scout out a suitable place.

All the girls at a bachelorette photo shoot

A fun frisky bachelorette pose

Fun smiling photo shot

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