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Real Weddings: Lindsay & Daniel, Destination Banff

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Daniel Bahrenburg & Lindsay Beyak
May 10th, 2009
Buffalo Mountain Lodge, Banff Alberta

Planning, décor & story: Angela Schrempf, Sweet Occasions Bridal Consulting, Banff


Love at First Sight

Love at first sight begins Lindsay and Daniel's happily ever after. Both on vacation in Vancouver, Lindsay and Dan unknowingly chose the same venue to dine when their paths crossed ways. Since that night in Vancouver Lindsay and Dan have been two inspirable hearts, although their geographical locations have not allowed for them to physically be together all the time. On Thanksgiving weekend an unsuspecting Lindsay took a flight from her home in Calgary to meet Daniel and his parents in Texas. Daniel, a United States Marine Corp greeted Lindsay at the airport in his freshly pressed navy blue uniform holding a dozen roses. With a diamond ring hidden in his sock, Daniel proposed to Lindsay after a delectable dinner at a posh French restaurant. Champagne was served with applause from the entire restaurant and shortly thereafter we began the wedding planning process in Banff, Alberta.


Stunning Wedding Locations in Banff

On the tenth of May 2009, Lindsay and Daniel were joined in matrimony at Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff, Alberta. In keeping with the rustic beauty of their venue and their love of the stunning nature surrounding them, Lindsay & Daniel graced their ceremony and reception in beautiful natural decor. The ceremony greeted guests with bright spring Gerbera Daisies and moss lined vases filled with pinecones embellishing the white bridal aisle.


Natural light filled the room and lit up the delicate white carpet surrounded by the most natural of decor elements. Over 1000 real pine cones were used to fill glass vases surrounded in moss fresh from the forest floor embellishing the aisle.


Atop a mountain in Banff Alberta, Buffalo Mountain Lodge's Wapiti Longhouse sets the scene for the union of two lovers. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies, nature was brought indoors to create the perfect environment for two active individuals to join their lives into one.

Reception & Décor

The reception in the Wapiti Longhouse was a romantic affair with live tree stumps acting as center piece bases for both the stunning white fondant three tier wedding cake and the table center pieces. With delicate moss decorating the room orange, yellow and pink Gerbera Daisies and hundreds of candles lit up this venue creating an intimate romantic setting for a lavish celebration of two hearts becoming one.


Vaulted ceilings with wooden rafters and a handcrafted stone fireplace set the theme for this rustic yet elegant affair at Buffalo Mountain Lodge located atop Tunnel Mountain in Banff Alberta.


Hot New Trend! Why have one cake when you can have two? A delightfully natural buttercream Groom's cake complimented the natural ceremony decor and surprised the groom with a tribute to his American heritage.


A tree stump lined with moss and pinecones creates the perfect base for three glowing candles & bright spring gerbera daisies to light up the room!


Ahe perfect eco-friendly, budget-saving guest setting. For less than 25 cents a piece you have the perfect natural amp; unique guest place setting.

  • Wedding Planner: Sweet Occasions Bridal Consulting (Angela Schrempf)
  • Reception & Ceremony: Wapiti Longhouse, Buffalo Mountain Lodge, Banff AB
  • Photography: Peak Photography, Banff AB
  • Décor & Rentals: Sweet Occasions Bridal Consulting
  • Florist: Willow Haven, Canmore, Alberta
  • Hair & Makeup: Botega Salon & Gallery, Banff AB

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