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Market Guide: Wedding Cakes in Vancouver Island

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Spice of Life Catering Inc, Nanaimo

Nanaimo Wedding & Specialty Cakes

Spice of Life Catering Inc. has been serving the Nanaimo area since 1987. The company, now driven by Cheryl and Kelly Nixon has developed an outstanding reputation for producing ornate, decorative and delicious wedding cakes. Head chef Cheryl, has a host of awards and qualifications to her name.

Spice of Life Autumn Wheat

Autumn Wheat, Spice of Life, Nanaimo

Spice of Life Catering can create all manner of baked delights. But their specialty is wedding cakes. Whether it's a majestic 5 tiered design. Or better still, a hand-crafted cake with gumpaste flowers and decorative sugar art, they can virtually bake anything you can imagine. If waste bothers you, never fear. Cheryl and the team are making a concerted effort towards going green. They're implementing strategies that will cut down on waste and still produce an amazing taste. So at least you won't feel quite as guilty for having that second piece.

Spice of Life Autumn Wheat

Autumn Wheat, Spice of Life, Nanaimo

Tiers of Joy Cakes, Victoria

When planning a wedding, one of the most important centerpieces on your special day is the wedding cake. Since graduating from Camosun College Jo Ann Hirschi, of Tiers of Joy Cakes, has been baking amazing wedding cakes from her Victoria studio. Her works have been featured in various magazines, shows and might even have been the centrepiece at a recent wedding that you went to. Now with over 25 years experience, she has even topped the 500 wedding cake mark.

Flowery Tiered Wedding Cake

Flowery Tiered Wedding Cake, Tiers of Joy Cakes, Victoria

Tiers of Joy cakes are known for their decorative brilliance. The sugar art that Jo Ann employs produces stunning sugar flowers and a variety of other designs. Any request you have about extra touches or unique designs can be handled easily and are always accommodated for. The website has a tonne of examples of Jo Ann's work. There's even a gallery specifically for her sugar art.

Tiered Tiers Wedding Cake

Tiered Wedding Cake, Tiers of Joy Cakes, Victoria

For an extra bit of spice and flavour in your wedding cake, try the shaved chocolate and liquors that Tiers of Joy Cakes have available.

Carol Clay Wedding Cakes, Nanaimo

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of Canada Culinary Institute of Canada in Charlottetown, PEI, Carol Clay has received numerous prizes for her wedding cakes. Now operating out of Nanaimo, Carol Clay Wedding Cakes combines artistic flair and delicious recipes to produce some amazing wedding cake designs.

Rose Covered Wedding Cake

Rose Covered Wedding Cake, Carol Clay Cakes, Nanaimo

Tasting are arranged after a first meeting between you and Carol. Amazingly she is able to bake cakes that are also very affordable as wellas being delicious. Prices begin at just $4 per person for everyone at the wedding reception. There is even free on-the-day delivery and set up of each wedding cake if you're in the Nanaimo, Parksville or Qualicum areas.

White Satin Wedding Cake

White Satin Wedding Cake, Carol Clay Cakes, Nanaimo

Another nice touch, and probably the biggest selling point, is the variety of flavours available. Given that we're in the middle of Summer now, try the Summer Raspberry recipe when you go for a tasting. This incorporates a light lemon butter cake base with a raspberry mousseline butter cream and then also has a thin layer of raspberry reduction. Or in the Winter months, consider the Chocolate Passion which has an excellent texture as well.

Cakes Galore, Victoria

Debbie Turner's Cakes Galore is all about providing the best service for your wedding cake design. Debbie is the consumate professional and gets very involved in the design process. She'll consult with you repeatedly throughtout the course of designing and baking. Start with a free consultation. Then move on to selecting from the huge menu of Cake Types, Fillings and Exteriors.

Whether square or round, stacked or spaced, a custom or traditional wedding cake still allows room to add your own special touches.

Wedding Cake by Cakes Galore

Wedding Cake by Cakes Galore, Victoria, Photo by John Heil

Debbie stresses that your design ideas are important during the design process. Cakes Galore wedding cakes are designed to celebrate something about you and your partner and what you share together. This is all very hands on for you and for Debbie.

Whimsical Wedding Cakes Galore Cake

Whimsical Cakes Galore Wedding Cake, Victoria

Custom designed Whimsical cakes are also a great option if you're looking for something more out of the ordinary. This lets you relax a little and let Debbie create a design that really captivates the senses. It's also a great way od adding colour and panache to your wedding reception, especially if the decor is generally white. Try to match it to something else at the wedding or go all out and make it clash with everything for a vibrant alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

For a complete list of Wedding Cake Designers in Vancouver Island, visit our directory or for more infomation on all sorts of wedding cake ideas see the articles below.

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