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Bridal Hair Accessories: Tiaras, Combs, Clips & Bands

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When Sex and the City's fearless fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw sported big, blue feathers in her bridal hairdo, the outcome was inevitable: bold wedding hair accessories made a big comeback and not just in blue!

Satin Pearl Tiara

Satin Pearl Tiara, Nuptial Celebrations, Canada

The wedding hair accessory craze first began building momentum with big flowers, whether they were pinned behind one ear to evoke an exotic feel, or at the back, crowning a ponytail or up-do. Then feathers were thrown into the mix, adding a touch of retro flapper glam. And what about tiaras, hair combs and hair bands? Well, don't call it a comeback. They've been here for years.

Something Beautiful Odette Tiara

Odette Tiara, Something Beautiful, Edmonton

How to Wear Wedding Hair Accessories

Don't mix and match. With the exception of tiaras with veils, more than one type of hair accessory shouldn't be worn at the same time. Especially when it comes to today's oversized, standout accessories.

Silver Flower Tiara

Silver Flower Tiara, Eleganz by Cheri, Canada

Bring your hair accessory to your hairstylist consultation. This way, (s)he can work the accessory into your hairstyle in advance, rather than trying to figure out what to do with it on your wedding day.

Buy a backup hair accessory if its not too expensive. If your heart is set on having a specific hair accessory as part of your entire wedding day look, pick up a duplicate design to avoid a wedding day meltdown if your accessory breaks.

Unique & Trendy Hair Wear

Along with wedding favors, bridesmaids gifts, and just about every other wedding accessory you could think of, Nuptial Celebrations also sells an assortment of bridal hair accessories.

Feather Wedding Hair Piece

Feather wedding hair piece, Nuptial Celebrations, Canada

For the bride who prefers feathers for her wedding day hair flair, this matte satin hairpiece in champagne ivory makes an ideal accessory. A silver clip fastens the woven satin ribbons to the hair, while wispy feathers add a vintage feel. This piece can be worn behind one ear or nestled in a bun at the back of the hair.

Jewel Hair Twists

Jewel Hair Twists, Nuptial Celebrations, Canada

Swarovski crystals scattered throughout the hair will give the bride a big dose of sparkle on her big day. These hair twists are shown here in pearl, and also come in 10 different colors of swarovski crystal, to match the bridesmaids dresses or wedding theme colors. With 12 twists per pack, they can be arranged in a row to resemble a a tiara, or placed around an up-do.

Berry and blossom designs evoke a very Bohemian feel on this satin floral and white pearl Halo hairpiece especially when worn with a flowing wedding day hairstyle. The Halo also accents a veil nicely, and gives the bride an ethereal look rather than the regal look the tiara lends.

Isis Tiara Comb

Isis Tiara Comb, Lana Sanichar, Kitchener

At first glance, some ivory pearl and crystal pieces might be mistaken for a banana clip, when in fact they're actually dazzling hair combs, which can be worn at the side of a french roll, or crowning a bun like a tiara.

Tiara With Butterflies

Tiara With Butterflies, Nuptial Celebrations, Canada

Speaking of tiaras, the butterflies perched on this piece not only add a unique twist on the traditional tiara design, but also serve as a symbol of transformation. This tiara makes an especially fitting accessory for an outdoor garden wedding.

Vine Tiara

Vine Tiara, Eleganz by Cheri, Canada

Because of their uniform shape and lack of peaks, some pearl and rhinestone tiaras like this vine, are simpler than more ornate tiaras. An elegant touch of sparkle to crown the bride on her big day.

Family-owned Finally the Bride offers a mind-boggling selection of beautiful bridal hair accessories. Shop online for tiaras, hair combs, and hairpins like the ones in the following selection.

Double Rhinestone Tiara

Double Rhinestone Tiara, Finally the Bride, Canada

For the bride who wants something simple yet able to hold back a lot of locks, this double band of sparkling rhinestones creates a wedding day hairstyle that is sophisticated but not too 'busy'.

Starfish Bobby Pin

Starfish Bobby Pin, Finally the Bride, Canada

Perfect for a beach themed or destination wedding, the starfish bobby pin brings some sea sparkle to the brides big day hairstyle. The starfish is whimsical for a wedding without being cheesy or over the top.

Crystal Comb

Crystal Comb, Finally the Bride, Canada

This silver crystal comb features a peak at the center, creating a perfectly regal princess bride look. This comb can be worn at the crown of the hair like a tiara, or at the back, to accent an updo.

Towering Tiara

Towering Tiara, Finally the Bride, Canada

This towering tiara creates the ultimate crowning glory for the bride. Silver and swarovski crystals add a dazzlingly dramatic element to this eye-catching accessory.

Flexible Band Tiara

Flexible Band Tiara, Finally the Bride, Canada

For the bride who loves the look of tiaras but finds them a little too rigid to work with, this flexible band/tiara, available in silver or gold, can be wrapped around your updo in any which way.

Swarovski Diamond Hairpin

Swarovski Diamond Hairpin, Finally the Bride, Canada

An ultra-modern hairpin encrusted with swarovski crystals. The woven loops create a flower design, for the bride who prefers crystals to real flowers or fabric!

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