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Wedding Decor: Ice Sculptures, Centrepieces & Bars

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Ice sculptures can make for stunning, unique wedding centrepieces and popular talking points at a wedding ceremony and reception. They're striking, eye-catching, elegant and fun. In winter especially, they are a great alternative to chocolate fountains and floral centrepieces.

Abstract hearted ice couple

Abstract, hearted Ice Couple, Ice Culture, Ontario

Ice Bars

Big nightclub and horse racing events will often feature complete ice bars as a functional centrepiece. But these can also be very effective at wedding receptions. Before you put down a deposit for an wedding ice sculpture, consult your reception location. It is a rare, but some will not allow ice sculptures, for various reasons. Check first to avoid any problems that could arise from this. If you want a complete ice bar at the reception keep in mind that they are bulky and need to be moved with care. Consider using a larger space but also remember that it will need to fit through the entranceway!

Complete Ice Bar

Complete Ice Bar, Ice Culture, Ontario

Wedding ice sculpture centrepiece designs

There are many common designs of wedding ice sculptures. These include swans, hearts and doves. But for something a little different consider designing something yourself. Be sure to match an ice sculpture to the overall theme of the wedding. We'd suggest taking a cherished photo or two to your sculptor and designing something together.

Snowflake Fire Ice Cube

Snowflake Fire Ice Cube, Ice Culture, Ontario

If your wedding is on a beach surrounded by sand, perhaps sea animals like dolphins or a seal would be appropriate. Alternatively if the wedding is a masquerade theme, why not a castle with a melted moat? Any idea you come up with for your wedding ice sculpture is sure to be unique and special.

Maple Leaf Ice Centrepiece

Maple Leaf Ice Centrepiece, Krystal Dreams Ice Sculptures , Winnipeg

If you're feeling patriotic. The classical Maple Leaf could be an option. Or for something a little out of the ordinary we've actually heard of some cases where Canadaian Brides have incorporated mini ice rinks at their wedding receptions. The beauty of using ice is that you can really shape anything.

Ice Balls by Iceculture

Crystal Ice Balls, Ice Culture, Ontario

Other uses for ice at your wedding

The best thing about using ice at your wedding is that ice centrepieces don't always have to be huge sculptures. Using Iceballs instead of traditional cubes is a cute addition to the table and will make each drink that much more memorable.

Snowflake Ice Centrepiece

Snowflake Ice Centrepiece, Ice Culture, Ontario

Where to find an Ice Sculptor?

Browse the listings in our directory to find the ice sculptor nearest to you.

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