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Bridal Styles: The Wedding Handkerchief

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Whether for practical reasons, or as in many cultures as a symbolic gesture of love and adoration for your partner, carrying a wedding handkerchief is an easy way to compliment your bridal gown. In some cases a family handkerchief will be handed down through several generations for use in wedding ceremonies. In this way it can have a similar function to that of a family shield. If, however, this tradition isn't followed by your relatives, not to worry. A new handerkerchief embroidered with flowers can be a great "something blue" as well.

A stemmed flower handkerchief

A stemmed flower handkerchief, My Dream Wedding

Because of its history as a symbol of a womans love for her chosen man, the traditional wedding handkerchief is a must-have in any wedding ceremony. It has an obvious practical use as well, but the symbolism is the main reason that you should consider having one as an addition to your bridal gown. The wedding handkerchiefs shown here are beautifully embroidered, adorned with lace, and often decorated with blue flowers or ribbons.

A Basket of Handkerchiefs

A Basket of Handkerchiefs, My Dream Wedding

During the 16th and 17th centuries, the pocket handkerchief became more popularly used by men rather than women. With the popularity of tobacco snuff throughout Europe, the handkerchief once again was used for a more practical purpose. By the 19th century, every respectable lady and man carried a handkerchief in her purse or his pocket. Every kind of shape, style, and design of handkerchief was now being made because everyone carried one with them at all times.

Theater performers, actors and members of the royal courts began to use handerchiefs during wedding ceremonies some time ago. These particular ones were heavily decorated with extravagant embroidered designs and made of the finest and most expensive fabrics. The Catholic Church used handkerchiefs during religious ceremonies and devout women began wearing handkerchiefs on their heads as decorative coverings. They were used more often as a tool to flirt with members of the opposite sex and when given away were meant to symbolise love interest.

Daisy handkerchief design

Daisy handkerchief design, My Dream Wedding

How to wear a wedding handkerchief

There is no hard and fast rule as to where you should adorn your wedding handerchief. They can be wrapped around a bouquet of flowers, tucked inside a glove, or even hidden away in the bosom. No matter what you choose to do with your wedding handkerchiefs, it is a nice, symbolic, and practical item to carry to the altar on your wedding day.

Wedding Handkerchiefs are a must-have accessory for outdoor or winter wedding ceremonies. They can be worn on the wrist, neck or arm. Also, some brides choose to have them in their hair, or hanging loosely off a purse. Whichever you decide, it should be easily accessible.

Flowery handkerchief design

Flowery handkerchief design, My Dream Wedding

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