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Boudoir Makeup! Dea's Tips

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"And now, the latest craze for weddings... Boudoir Photo Sessions."..

What is boudoir, you ask? According to Wikipedia, "Historically, the boudoir formed part of the private suite of rooms of a lady, for bathing and dressing, adjacent to her bedchamber. In later periods, the boudoir was used as a private drawing room, and was used for other activities, such as embroidery or entertaining intimate acquaintances.". Embroidery???? Ah, not right now, thanks...

Here is a shot I did. The photographer, Shannon Langan is super creative and has LOTS of props. It was a domestic, 50's housewife look, set in the kitchen! Let your imagination guide you, have fun and I am sure it will be a gift that is GREATLY appreciated!

"For His Eyes Only", these sessions give you a chance to show a different part of your personality! Often using props and costumes, lingerie or even less, the bride-to-be can capture her wild side and present the pictures to her groom as a gift.

Makeup for boudoir photo sessions requires a professional application. This is not your usual work look, but a dramatic, much more daring side of you! Anything from themed costumes, Marilyn Munroe, "The Hot Babe" in a swim suit, to icing cupcakes in Merry Widow . It's up to you and your fantasies - or his!

A makeup artist is a must

Starting with a flawless complexion with foundation and radiant, light-reflecting powder, you will be preparing for a camera-ready look. I like to do the smoky eye, with a plump and glossy nude lip. Of course, the finishing touch is false lashes. You can choose from a multitude of styles, but bigger is better in this case!

Dea's Boudoir Photography Makeup Tips

  • Choose a makeup artist with editorial or advertising experience. Ask to see their recent work and get pictures from magazines, of makeup that you like
  • Choose a photographer that you are very comfortable with
  • Pick a theme and find a subtle costume to go with it (check the Internet for ideas)
  • Get lots of shoes with heels to work with at the shoot... they make your legs look longer and much sexier
  • Invest in a tinted bronzer with a slight sheen to use as an all-over body moisturizer for the shoot
  • Make sure your finger nails AND toenails are polished
  • Use props, such as champagne glasses, boa's and lingerie
  • Get your hair done!

Dea Code is a Winnipeg makeup artist with 20 yrs experience, across Canada.
Her training is from Paris and Montreal, in skincare, makeup and current styles; she was the Western Canadian makeup artist for CHANEL for 14 years; her wedding makeup has been featured in Wedding Bells, The Jewish Post and Chatelaine; she also has 10 years experience in commercial makeup, working for W Network, CTV, CBC and numerous photographers.

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