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Need Dance Lessons? Some Great Options in the GTA

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Your Best Options for Wedding Dance Lessons in Toronto

Not satisfied with shuffling around the dance floor on your big day? Does he have a couple of left feet? :-) And everyone will be watching! Yikes... No Worries: we've stepped it up and sourced out the best places for your wedding dance crash-course, in and near Toronto. (we've started with the biggest city, but don't worry, we 're working on the rest of Canada, as we speak - ed.) Here's our final shortlist:

Dance Art Studio

Dance Art Studio, Richmond Hill and Toronto

"Your reception has not begun until you've danced your first dance" says Christina of Dance Art Studio. For over ten years this studio has been rescuing couples and wowing ceremonies. Their unique choreography and artistic style will leave your guests in awe.

Dance Art Studio

Short on time? They can even whip up a first dance routine in 5 short hours. Christina promises, "Just bring your favourite song and we'll do the rest."

The team has 3 packages to choose from for first dance choreography, but they also do shows at wedding ceremonies. Your wedding is one of the most important parts of your life - make it a day to remember.

2Stylle, Toronto

If stringed instruments and classical dance steps don't really describe you as a couple, 2Stylle can add some youthful modern spice to your wedding reception. Lucky Sipin and guest instructor Hanna Barczyk teach a variety of Latin style dances to couples in Toronto.



In recent years couples have been moving away from the traditional wedding dance by adding flavour and excitement to their first boogie together. Many have left behind the dated Viennese Waltz and have picked up the pace, beginning with L.A. Cuban and New York styles.

The stresses of your wedding day can all be cleansed through dance. As Lucky encourages, "when you dance it is best to be like not let the music lead you nor lead the music, instead, be one with the music and each other."

Tango Argentino, North York

Tango Argentino specialises in teaching original Argentine tango wedding dances. For some genuinely authentic Latin flavour Roxana and Fabian design each dance to highlight the personality of the couple they teach.

Tango is a unifying dance that encourages closeness and is becoming a new wedding dance sensation. While some couples might feel more comfortable with a simple two-step, Tango Argentino will have you slow, slow, quick, quick, slowing your guests in circles.

Tango Argentino

Learning to dance for your wedding is a special gift that you and your spouse-to-be can give to each other. As the pair say "Tango dance connects people of all different nationalities and races to one vibe, one culture, one understanding."

danceScape, Burlington

danceScape was founded by former 3-time Canadian and 2-time North American Undefeated Amateur Ballroom Champions Robert Tang and Beverley Cayton-Tang, The studio now specialises in emergency wedding preparation lessons.


Depending on your level of experience, and whether you or not want a fully choreographed routine guaranteed to make jaws drop, danceScape can have you ready to turn heads in around 6 Private lessons.

But for a more social experience we recommend their function lessons. A dance lesson can add a fun "edu-tainment experience" to a rehearsal dinner, and is a great gift for those who are supporting you on your special day.

A surprise dance lesson at the reception is also a great way to get people out onto the dance floor. Often, danceScape instructors will be able to do a demonstration and then invite people up onto the dance floor for the lesson.


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