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Bridal Hairstyles Ideas: The Half-Up Do

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One of the most popular trends in bridal hair today is the half-up/half-down hairstyle. Perhaps it's because it brings the best of both worlds: the sophisticated formality of an up-do and the romantic, flowing look of loose locks.

Half-Up bridal hairstyle by Beauty-a-Go-Go in Vancouver

photo: Happily EverAfter Images, Vancouver

A waterfall of cascading curls adds an extra "wow" factor to this half-up hairstyle. Strands are gathered from the front of the hair in sections to create a "piece-y" look, while extra volume at the crown also prevents the style from looking flat when seen in front.

Versatility of the Half-up Hairstyle

The great news for brides hoping to have the half-up 'do on their big day is that it can be achieved with locks in a variety of lengths - from just-above-the-shoulder medium-length hair, to ultra-long hair. The half-up can also be worn with bangs, whether short and side-swept or long and shaggy - as well as without bangs, in which all of the hair from up front is swept up to the crown, creating a regal look.

Accessories for the Half-Up

Although it's best not to pile on too many accessories at once, there is still a huge variety of pins, barrettes, and clips to choose from that look perfectly pretty when placed in a half-up hairstyle. Whether it's a large flower pinned behind one ear, tiny buds scattered throughout tousled tresses, or even a tiara, there is so much to choose from in the way of accessories to complement the half-up wedding day hairstyle.

The following photos feature a diverse series of creative hairstyles in the half-up genre to suit your style. Some are sleek and sophisticated, while others are wavy and romantic, or a bit shorter and sassy.

Half-Up bridal hairstyle by Vancouver's Indulgence By Sayaka

Hairstyle by Indulgence By Sayaka, Vancouver

As you can tell from this photo, the half-up 'do is perfect for an outdoor wedding when curls are let loose and natural (a breezy beach in particular will tousle your tresses anyway!) For this look, the hair in front is combed gently up to the crown, where it's looped and secured with bobby pins. The rest flows down naturally, and is lightly curled at the ends.

Half-Up bridal hairstyle by Beauty-a-Go-Go in Vancouver

Hairstyle by Beauty-a-Go-Go, Vancouver

Flowers scattered in the back of the hair add a breathtakingly exotic element to this half-up style. For the bride who wants extra oohs and ahhs on her walk down the aisle!

Half-Up bridal hairstyle by Calgary's Makeup by Jackie

Hairstyle by Makeup by Jackie, Calgary

The half-up do styled on shoulder-length hair creates an especially sweet yet sassy look! Piece-y bangs swept to the side frame the bride's beautiful eyes, while the bouffant makes a perfect crowning touch for the veil.

Half-Up bridal hairstyle by Sarah Loveng in Vancouver

Hairstyle by Sarah Loveng, Vancouver

An extreme side-part in the front adds sleek sophistication to this half-up hairdo. Loose tendrils that have been gently curled make this an especially romantic hairstyle when worn with a veil.

Half-Up bridal hairstyle by Stephanie Pacheco in Toronto

Hairstyle by Stephanie Pacheco, Toronto

The half-up 'do looks ultra-modern when slightly messy and tousled, and added volume at the crown creates a complementary retro "bouffant" twist. Baby bangs with a side-sweep also add a face-framing touch.

Half-Up bridal hairstyle by Calgary's In Motion Style

Hairstyle by In Motion Style Group, Calgary

A tiara can transform the half-up do into an especially formal coif, fit for a princess! Lots of curling is required to achieve this style, as well as small rosebuds in the back to add more finishing touches.

Half-Up bridal hairstyle by Calgary's Makeup by Jackie

Hairstyle by Makeup by Jackie, Calgary

Extra-long, side-swept bangs add a soft touch to this half-up do, while the hair secured at the crown is pinned into a playful, curly ponytail.

Half-Up bridal hairstyle by Janine Child in Toronto

Hairstyle by Janine Child, Hamilton / Niagara

As you can see from this photo, the half-up hairstyle isn't just for super-long locks - the bride's medium-length hair is secured at the sides with a perfectly pretty flower pin. Side-swept bangs also add a touch of girlish glam to the half-up 'do.

Half-Up bridal hairstyle by ML Makeup Artistry.jpg in Vancouver

Hairstyle by ML Makeup Artistry, Vancouver

This look has the natural, loose waves of a "hair down" 'do without obscuring the bride's face. The hair in front is gathered to the crown, where it's secured with bobby pins so the bride doesn't have to sweep stray strands away from her face.

Classic Bridal Half-Up/Half-Down 2

Hair & Spa in Motion, Toronto

Classic Bridal Half-Up/Half-Down 3

Image Euphoria Mobile Hair, Winnipeg

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