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Table Setting Ideas, by Modern Proposal

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Bridal consultant and wedding-decorator-extraordinaire Julianne Cragg, from Modern Proposal in Edmonton, runs the coolest photo gallery on Flickr, where she showcases the latest and greatest of her work.

She makes our job so much easier! We 're always guaranteed to find something unique and extraordinary there - and then we can share it with you! A couple of months back, we showcased some of her winter wedding decor ideas. Today, it is themed table settings. Feast your eyes and make some notes. Or better yet, if you're in Edmonton, give her a call!

Great Table Settings, by Julianne Cragg

Yellow Damask & Black

Yellow Damask & Black wedding table setting

Yellow Damask & Black wedding table setting

Vintage Feel

Are those buttons the best idea ever, or what?

Vintage wedding table setting

Vintage wedding table setting

Pink & Brown

Pink & Brown wedding table setting

Peacock Theme!

Peacock wedding table setting

Peacock wedding table setting


Origami wedding table setting

All photos by ENV Photography (Edmonton). Flowers: Rosella @ Studio Bloom

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