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What''s the Deal on Wedding Gown Rentals?

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"many brides are now asking themselves why the groom gets to rent his tux while the bride shells out the big bucks for her dress"..

The decision to rent a wedding dress has become a popular option for many brides around the globe, particularly in places such as Europe and China. In Canada and North America in general, the decision to purchase a wedding gown for keeps has been a long-held tradition; but times are changing, and wedding retailers are also changing to meet the needs of the modern bride.

Why Rent a Wedding Dress?

The first and most obvious reason to rent a wedding gown rather than purchase one is the cost-savings. With the average bridal gown in Canada retailing at $1,000 (not including accessories such as a veil, headpiece, crinoline, shoes, etc.) many brides are now asking themselves why the groom gets to rent his tux while the bride shells out the big bucks for her dress. Renting a wedding gown may also be a more practical decision if the bride and groom are foregoing a ceremony in favour of something more simple, or just don't have the room to preserve and store a gown only worn on one day.

What Should I Expect?

Although many boutiques that offer wedding gown rentals will advertise the rental fee of their wedding accessories, most do not quote the rental price for individual wedding dresses on their website. They will typically encourage the bride to check out their selections online and email them for a quote which includes the style number of the dress and the bride's dress size. Some boutiques also require the bride to rent a gown in order to also take advantage of their accessory rental options.

To save you the research time, I've profiled three wedding boutiques in Canada that offer wedding gown and accessory rentals.

La Belle Mariée, Montreal

La Belle Mariée

3965 St. Martin Blvd W.
Laval, Quebec H7T 1B7
Tel: (450) 686-7688
Fax: (450) 686-7688

Mon-Wed 10:00-17:00
Thurs-Fri 10:00-20:00
Sat 10:00-17:00

Montreal's La Belle Mariée carries a fantastic selection of wedding gowns, including plus-sized gowns for the full-figured bride. La Belle Mariée's cost for wedding gown rentals ranges from $250-$650. For a quote on renting a gown such as the one featured in the photo above (a1772), contact them with your size and the style number of the gown.

Best for Bride, Toronto

Best for Bride

Etobicoke Store Location:
5359 Dundas St. West.
Etobicoke, ON, Canada, M9B 1B1

Toronto Store Location:
566A Sheppard Av. West
Toronto, ON, M3H 2R9

Toll Free: 1-877-373-7702

With boutiques located in Toronto and Etobicoke, GTA's Best for Bride offers wedding gowns and a wide variety of wedding day accessories for rent. Wedding gown rentals start at $150, while gloves and tiara rentals start at only $20. Best for Bride also has a combined rental special, which features all bridal accessories - including veil, crinoline, tiara, jewelry set, headpieces, gloves, fur cape and shawl for only $100. All of the gowns from the Bridal Collections on Best for Bride's website, such as the dress featured in this photo (Mori Lee - Style 2315) are available for rent. Email them with the collection name and style number of the dress as well as your size for a quote.

Miracles Etc, an online gown rental store

Miracles Etc.


Online boutique, Miracles Etc offers brides wedding gown rentals with accessories included, from $250 up to $600. You can also rent headpieces such as veils and tiaras separately, starting at only $20. Miracles Etc. requires a $200 deposit on rented wedding gowns and accessories as well as a drivers license number. Wedding gowns are due back on the first business week after the wearing date. For a rental quote on a wedding gown such the one featured in this photo (fashioned after DaVinci 8201), email Miracles Etc. with the gown's style number, designer, and your dress size.

More Stores? More Cities?

This was just a sampler, to give you a first idea of the prices and offerings available.. There are many great options out there, usually more than one in each major city. Quickest way: browse bridal gown rentals in the directory.

Be sure to also check out our feature on Bridal Gowns That Won't Break the Bank for information on consignment gowns and other affordable wedding dress options in Canada.

Story by G. Melanson

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