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More Do-it-Yourself Favour Ideas

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O.K. You asked for got it... Here's some easy DIY's for you, straight from the world of favours. You know we love favours that are not only functional but also useful. So with that in mind, here we go:

Tulle "Bags"

This is super easy. Just get yourself a bunch of tulle or organza circles, put some candy (e.g. jellybeans or m&m's, or sugar covered almonds) in each circle. Tie them with a pretty ribbon and voila!

DIY tulle & organza favours"

Tulle & Organza Circles from A Beautiful Day

Breath Mints

Depending on what you're serving for dinner, this favour might be more than just useful; it might be downright necessary: breath mints!

To pull this one off, simply make a bulk purchase of mints, then, print out some tags with your wedding date and names on them, and staple one breath mint onto each tag. Place one at each table setting...

DIY breath mint favours

Example matchbook mints from


Now, it's time to summon your inner "Martha"... Bake a bunch of heart shaped cookies. (If baking is out of the question, just get them made.) Make sure each cookie has two holes at the top so that you can tie a pretty ribbon on each. If you are feeling really domestic, perhaps you can write your initials on each cookie with colourful icing.

DIY cookie favours

Example matchbook mints from

DIY Favour Containers

We love boxes and tins because they can really make an impact on your table décor.
Pick out boxes or containers in the colour theme of your choice, fill them with whatever you like: chocolates, gummie bears, wildflower seeds... You get the picture? Do not forget to finish them off with a decorative bow. Assemble them around your centerpiece, or place one at each setting.

DIY butterfly favour boxes

Butterfly DIY favour containers from Nuptial Celebrations

DIY favour tins

Tin favour containers from

Favours often take up a lot of time and money when, really, you can create something both useful and decorative with everyday items that everyone enjoys.

Find inspiration in the little things that make you or your fiancé tick. Perhaps, you can't live without chocolate or maybe he collects seeds.... Whatever your thing is, use it to create a little memento of the two of you that your guests can take home with them.

And, if that fails, there are always those handy DIY favour kits!
Or, if you're strapped for time, you can always find an online novelty party supplies store, such as One Way Novelties, that have a great selection and are based in Canada.

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