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Why Not A Honeymoon Cruise?

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Honeymoon cruises are among the most popular occasions for taking a luxury cruise. For many new couples, it is a memorable opportunity to celebrate their new life together surrounded by exotic locations, exciting activities, and exceptional service from the cruise ship's crew.

6 Reasons to Honeymoon on a Cruiseship

Affordable Honeymoon Vacation Travel

Faced with the expences of a wedding and establishing a new home, many couples find they are on a short budget when it comes to their honeymoon. However, honeymoon cruises are more affordable than many people think, offering great value for the dollar when compared to traditional land-based honeymoon vacations. When you add up the cost of travel, accommodation, food and activities, for a traditional honeymoon, it is easy to see that a luxury cruise is a great deal.

Wide Variety Of Destinations

Deciding on a honeymoon destination is difficult for some couples because there are so many exciting places to go. Honeymoon cruises make it easy, though, with several ports of call you can visit multiple places and enjoy many different experiences and only have to unpack your things once. This unique attribute of cruising is what attracts many honeymoon couples in the first place.

Many Special Packages

Cruise lines, typically, spoil their passengers with luxury and special amenities, and on honeymoon cruises, this is especially so. Most offer honeymoon packages of varying price, all the way from the basic complimentary champagne in your cabin to special spa treatments, shore excursions, upgraded accommodations and more.

But it doesn't have to be your first honeymoon to take advantage of special packages and amenities. Take a second honeymoon, renew your vows, or just renew your passion for each other on a cruise designed to cater to your every desire. Regardless of how long you have been married, think about a honeymoon package as a way to put the fire back into your relationship.

Freedom To Choose Your Own Activities

Cruising is the type of vacation where you can choose as many or as few activies as you like.The ship abounds with opportunies for fun as well as relaxation, and the ports of call offer their own bouintiful choices for shopping, exploring, or just having a bite to eat.

One of the best things about a cruise is that you can be totally spontaneous when it comes to how you fill your time. It's okay to change your mind if you really don't feel like playing in the racquetball competion you signed up for, instead opting for a good book and good company at the pool. Go ahead, do whatever you want – after all, it's your honeymoon!

Many Choices Of Ships and Itineraries

Honeymoon cruises can literally take you all over the world. Perhaps,you want to visit warm weather ports of call like Aruba, Mexico, Jamaica and the Virgin Islands or maybe you are more interested in cruising the European coastline. The Mediterranean is an excellent option as well, along with the South Pacific and northern destinations like Alaska, Norway and such.

Relaxation, Adventure and Nightlife

All in one Cruising offers you opportunities for relaxation, adventure, and nightlife all with one ticket. It is unlike any other vacation you have ever had, and honeymoon cruises are especially notable for their variety and excellence. As a newlywed couple, you will get your first taste of exploring an exotic port of call, or dancing the night away – it's entirerly up to you. The variety and breadth of choices are part of what makes cruising such a great value for your dollar.

Romantic and Memorable

There are very few things more romantic than a moonlight stroll on the deck, taking in the moon and the stars while at sea, or dancing cheek to cheek for the whole evening. A honeymoon cruise is a romantic adventure from start to finish, limited only by your energy and imagination. If you want your honeymoon to be both romantic and memorable, plan to spend it on a luxury cruise.

Story by romantic cruise specialist Bruce Pickett, TPI Wordwide.

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