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Your Questions: Should you Tip for your Hair & Makeup Trial?

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If you are having a trial run for your wedding day hair and makeup, should you tip? Or can you just tip on the actual day? Everyone seems to have conflicting opinions so your help would be appreciated.

Thanks! ~ Laura

Hm, good question.. actually, we 're not sure either!
So we asked a couple of star hair & makeup vendors for their feedback. Here's what they had to say:

Do you tip for trial run hair and makeup? That is an excellent question!
Being and owner of the business, I don't expect to be tipped. I leave it up to the bride. But when they do tip me, I have a lot more confidence that they loved what I did and want to do an even better job on the day of!

If a stylist that is working for someone is doing the trial (as opposed to the owner of the business themselves), then I think yes, you should tip.

Think of it as another regular service that the stylist is doing for you. She wants you to love it! And I'm sure she is doing her best at what she is creating for you!

~ Marcy @ Bella Bridal Hair, Calgary (403-274-9770)

Tipping is generally on the actual day, when they pay the balance of the amount owing. It is totally up to the bride, I have had a few that tip on both days. Tipping for makeup & hair should be just like for the limo or reception venue, photographer, DJ, etc.

I now usually include the Trail in my packages as opposed to making it optional beacuse it's so important for both the bride and the stylist/mu artist.

I hope this helps!

~ Iris von Schoening @ Iris Cosmetics, Vancouver (604-517-0006)

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