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Spring Wedding Favours & Decor Ideas

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Groundhog day just passed us by. You know what that means, don't you? Groundhog Day is the mid point between the Dec 21 winter solstice (i.e. the shortest day , the "heart of winter") and the Mar 21 spring equinox. In other words..

...Spring is just around the corner!

If your wedding date is this spring, you're probably busy arranging for all the final touches. The guest favours, the small accents in the ceremony and the reception, cards, centrepieces etc. Here are some ideas to get you in the mood. We 're lazy, so we found one place that carries everything, The Wedding Shoppe online store. They have a great selection and they ship everywhere. But we 'll keep going and find more ideas for you this week and next - and we 're listing some more sources for you at the end of this article.

Signature Vase Centrepiece / Favour / Keepsake

signature vase, spring wedding centrepiece

Signature Vase Centrepice from The Wedding Shoppe

Nothing says "spring" like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Which makes your choice of centrepieces quite easy.. all you have to decide is what type of vase and what type of flowers. The flowers are also easy - match them to your decor (and your budget!). For the vase, this is a neat idea: leave a sharpie on the table, so that your guests can sign the centrepiece and leave their wellwishes. After the wedding, collect them and take them home as keepsakes or even let the guests take them home with them as mementos and extra favours..

Orchid Gel Candle Favour / Table Decor

Orchid gel candle, spring wedding favour

Orchid Gel Candle from The Wedding Shoppe

Sticking with the flower theme, this is another great "combination idea". This scented candle containes a gorgeous orchid, suspended in gel. Appropriate both as a beautiful seasonal guest favour as well as as an elegant table decor item. I wonder if you can order them with an orchid in the color of your choice..

.. or try a variation of the above, the lavender gel candle. The colour is obviously different, as well as the shape.. totally up to you of course. I can't help but think how amazing a whole group of those would look, lit on each table at the wedding reception..

Lavender gel candle, spring wedding favour

Lavender Gel Candle from The Wedding Shoppe

"Unexpected Treasures" Customizable Favour Tins

tin favour boxes, spring wedding favour boxes

"Unexpected Treasures" from The Wedding Shoppe

What's great about customizable favour containers is that you can match them to your own theme. These tin boxes come wrapped in the light organza bow - so they look elegant and light already. But, what's even better, the paper label is fully customizable. So not only you can match your spring theme - you can match any wedding theme! Don't you love the digital world? Now you can match your favours to your invitations, to your decor, to your anouncement.. (have you read our "customize everything, it's your wedding" story?)

Personalized Flower Pots Favours

customized flower pots, spring wedding favour boxes

Mini Flower Pots from The Wedding Shoppe

Having a spring and "green" wedding? This personalized little flower pot is perfect. It will match with your plantable seed invitations too! The picture show a cactus, which is easy, you can't kill a cactus no matter how brown your thumbs are :-) But you can plant whatever you wish. Actually, a good idea would be to buy these a couple of months in advance and plant them with the flowers of your choice. Perfect green favour and a great keepsake.

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But, In the mean time, try these other two shops with extensive spring wedding supplies selections:

or simply scroll through our full list of canadian wedding favours & supplies companies. A great number of them are custom designers who can create exactly what you have in mind..

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