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Great Wedding Locations, Quebec: Moulin Callieres Di Jasmin

Posted At : February 26, 2009 2:10 PM   |  Posted By : Bridal Network   |  Views: 11,256
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"Moulin Callieres Di Jasmin beckons to all things romantic. It has history, ambience, views and a whole lot of old world charm."..

Romantics of the world unite! Yet again, we have stumbled across a wonderful reception venue. How does this keep happening? Well, we do get a little inspiration from our well informed vendors who are always out and about taking note of those "hidden gems" we can't stop talking about!

Today, we are taking you to Quebec where old meets new in the beautifully restored and well maintained Moulin Callieres Di Jasmin

This "old mill" was originally constructed in the 1700's in an area earlier used by French troops to protect the road to Montreal. Hundreds of years of wheat production and one fire later, the mill eventually was restored and is now used solely for receptions.

The interior's rustic charm lends its appeal to any special event; while its breathtaking location, can only be described as poetic.

Whether you are hosting your wedding on the lawn overlooking the lake or whether you bring it all indoors, Moulin Callieres Di Jasmin creates the perfect setting for romance, complete with a whisper of yesteryear. Just remember to have your knight park his horse outside!

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