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Wedding Favour / Decor Idea: "The Candle that Never Melts"?

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Flameless candles for your wedding

Flameless candles from Timeless Candles

If it looks like a Candle and it smells like a candle..

Check these out. Interesting new product. Flameless, battery-operated candles. But they are made out of real wax, so the illusion is complete. According to the people who sell them (Timeless Candles)...

..An ingenious new technology allows a flickering light to glow from within, creating the appearance of a warmly glowing candle. Our Flameless Candles are so realistic you'll have to look twice to notice that there is no actual flame. A slightly recessed or blackened wick completes the illusion.

No Flame = No Worries

So what's the point of all this? Well, two things actually:

  • They're safe: you can place these next to paper, dried flowers, tulle decorations (and children!) You don't have to worry that your wedding decor will catch fire.
  • They last longer: a candle will simply burn-out. These are battery operated. You can take them with you afterwards. Or personalise them and use them as favours.

Flameless candles, safe around your wedding decor

Safe around your wedding decor

Personalise them

Not only do these come in different designs, Timeless Candles will personalise these with your own text. So they become great decor for the wedding reception and/or a smart and useful guest favour.

Flameless candles for your wedding

Yet another style

Flameless candles as Wedding Favours

Take them home after the wedding

Find These in your City..

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